Job application help? (McD's) (10pts)?

I'm filling it out online but it asks for previous employment(i don't have any) and it says ''if n/a list personal references.'' I want to put my former teacher but would I put his name under supervisor? What would I put for company, job, and start and end dates?


It doesn't have a section for references it just says next to previous previous employment( if not applicable, list personal references) but there is no separate space for that.

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    If the application says to put personal references here (which is odd b/c they usually have a specific place for them) Put the teachers name under company name fill in the address and phone number and leave it at that. But I still find this so odd. Having been an assistant Manager at Mc Donalds years ago the apps never asked for references to go in the prior work experience. Look at the application thoroughly and make sure there isn't a specific space for your personal references. And re-read the directions 7 make sure your reading it correctly. But, I could be wrong a lot has changed over the last few years!

  • 8 years ago

    If you do not have any previous employment leave that

    section empty (blank) and proceed to personal references

    where it should at least ask for 3-references. If you feel

    your teacher has something good to say about you. Put

    him down. Most likely the employer(s) will call-in upon

    your references.

    And supervisor section still falls under past employment

    so nothing goes here. Put your teachers name in the

    reference area, if there is no name field; just slip his name

    next to telephone/contact number.

  • 8 years ago

    Just put 'none', a lot of kids enter the job market and it's common for the employers to understand this.

    Use your teacher as a reference, not a supervisor.

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