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Latin to english translation?

im trying to find a latin translation for the phrase: "save me from myself for i know not what i do"

after googling different translation websites i get two different phrases:

1. "salvum fac a me quod ego nescio" = "i do not know from me save it be that i"

2. "servo mihi ex myself pro ego teneo non quis ego operor" = "i know i work for do not have any saved me from myself"

3. "quod ego a me ipso de me nescio" = "which i, on my own do not know about me"

i want to know which of these is the most accurate translation of the original phrase, if any at all, and if there is a better translation out there, what is it?

thanks for all your guys help,



4. "fac a me ipso quod ego nescio salvum" = "from me, the very fact that I do not know, I will save"

this one is kinda good but im not sure how legit it is

Update 2:

5. "alii scientiam salutis inveniam me inveniet eam" = "i will find salvation in the knowledge that others will find it for me"

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    They're all wrong or gibberish except 3. Lucas' is close, except it should be "quid facere debeam" instead of "quod facere debeo" and I really don't think you need debeam - that means more like "I don't know what I should do".

    My take would be "Salva me a meipso, quia nescio quid faciam." You can get away with indicative there since it was very common in informal and Old Latin, but subjunctive is considered more correct in Classical usage. Also, say "meipsa" instead of "meipso" if a woman is speaking. You can say "Salva me a meipso, non enim scio quid facio." if you want to echo the Vulgate.

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    1. alter ego 2. fine bone 3. snatches diem 4. cogito, I raise sum 5. facto says 6. et alia (at to the.) 7. et cetera (etc.) 8. exampli gratia (and. g.) 9. ibidem (ibid.) 10. and east (the. and.) 11. in excelsis 12. ipso facto 13. note well 14. person nongrata 15. quid benefit quo 16. verbatim the also have burdens latin phrases that the would like translated into english: 1. ancestors, Caesar, morituri you salutant 2. veins, I saw, districts 3. dum vivimus, vivamus (last word might drinks viviamus)

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    Ab memet (ipso) salva me quia nescio quod facere debeo.

    Don't trust "googling", those translations usually aren't any good.

    Source(s): I know Latin and stuff
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