Which is better, Colombia or Venezuela?

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    Hi Joey,

    better for what, vacation? Colombians are the friendliest people in all of South America, and the country is very American friendly. The Colombian and U.S. governments have a very good relationship. Colombia has good public transportation and a pretty good road network and infrastructure in general.

    Venezuela has not a good relationship with the U.S. A lot of people in Venezuela have been brain washed by the former Chavez administration and they are very suspicious of Americans. Caracas is a very dangerous city. The road network in Venezuela is pretty bad and so is the infrastructure in general. Besides the oil industry, which is dependant on foreign oil and supply companies, Venezuela has no industries to speak off.

    Both countries are very beautiful and have a lot to offer. My clear choice is Colombia.

    Source(s): I am from California and spend a lot of time in South America.
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