how to form a thesis statement in an APA research paper?

My title of the research paper is "What Are the Benefits of Learning Foreign Language?"

I was wondering if someone can help me create a thesis statement.

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    What Are the Benefits of Learning Foreign Language?

    The benefits of learning a foreign language can be numerous and varied, from conversing with visitors from other countries, ordering goods from a foreign company, chatting to one's local Carry Out restaurant owner, reading or writing to please those who are unable to speak one's own natural 'birth' language. There is also the satisfaction of being able to talk to and understand an indigenous of the country while on holiday abroad, but how effective can it be to conduct international relations if one has insufficient knowledge of the language to be able to speak it fluently?'

    *The last sentence above would be the question/argumentative point that could be explored in the main body, with an answer to the question being stated in the Conclusion.

    The Introduction (next paragraph) could easily be along the lines of -

    'Haggling over prices is a fun and expected way to negotiate business when abroad, whether renting a room or buying inflatable arm bands for the paddling pool.'

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