Game of Thrones Season Finale Review?

Either give your personal opinion about the last episode or just the ending scene? Did you like it compared to the other seasons? Rate the ending 1-10. For me it is an 8.5/10

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    8 years ago
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    There are a lot of folks that feel the season should have ended with episode 9. I totally disagree and here's why.

    Lets count the significant things in the finale:

    1. Ser Jamie returns to Kings Landing.

    2. Reek is born

    3. Jon Snow returns to Castle Black, although a little feathered.

    4. Brandon learns about Samwell's interlude with the white walker and decides to continue beyond the wall.

    5. Shae stays in Kings Landing.

    6. Stannis stays his hand with Ser Davos and the Red Woman bids him to focus on the North.

    7. Sansa learns of her mother's and brother's fate.

    8. Dannerys takes Yunkai.

    9. Arya kills her first.

    While my wife thought it was anti climatic, I did not. It gets a 10 from me.

  • 8 years ago

    7/10 was okay and not heart wrenching after the episode before but wasn't exciting and the characters seemed blah

  • 8 years ago

    it wasnt that exciting..and they ruined the dramatic part about the Night's watch asking for help..all of westeros ignored them and Sir Davos got the idea to come to their rescue and do what King's do...protect the realm

    they effed that up badly

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