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What's better a Co2 or green gas airsoft gun?

Just wondering

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    Depends on your requirements.

    From a performance perspective co2 is the better choice. It is a higher vapour pressure gas. it works better in cooler temperatures, shoots faster/harder, and suffers less from cool down. The downside of that is it's harder on your gun. Harder recoil will mean more chance of a cracked slide or broken loading nozzle.

    From an economic perspective Propane is the better choice. In a gbb a co2 cylinder is good for 45-60 shots. Less if you have enhanced recoil springs, more if it's hot out. Depending on how you buy co2 it's between 70 cents to a dollar each. so 35-50 cents every mag. A gas mag is about 30-45 shots per fill. a 4 dollar propane tank is good for about 30-35 fills so between 10-15 cents every magazine.

    Either gas is easy to come by so It becomes a choice between slightly better performance and vastly cheaper operation. If your gbb is going to be a secondary that gets used infrequently or if you tend to play in cooler temperatures co2 makes an OK choice. if you plan on using it a lot then propane is the way to go.

    For what it's worth I run my pistols on propane, so does everyone I play with. Performance is good and the price is right.

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    Green Gas Vs Co2

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    My brother has a gas gun, if it is full metal they last preety long if you dont abbuse it, the best gas is green gas or sometimes red gas, co2 gas is bad how ever if your going to get an actual co2 gun that uses little mini co2 cartriges i personally love those due to loudness and power. Any ways gas guns are great but the gas is a little expensive coming at $15 for a medium size container, also the guns are tricky to fill entirely up with gas if you do not know how to use it properly so i recamend to ask someone at your local airsoft store for proper use.

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    What's better a Co2 or green gas airsoft gun?

    Just wondering

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    Green Gas is more powerful than Co2, because the propane in Green Gas has more pressure.

    However, Green Gas costs more, even though it's just propane gas with silicon oil.

    Hope this answers your question :)

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    who's the idiot who says green gas is higher pressure?

    green gas (propane) is 100-155 psi

    co2 is 740-1300 psi

    co2 regulated down to about 150 psi, the high pressure gives it superior pressure stability over propane.

    co2 and green gas each has their pros and cons.


    green gas- easy to recharge, much cheaper (as propane, green gas cost more than co2)

    co2- better gas stability, works better in cooler temps (down to 60F), in gas pistols one cartridge is plenty for a whole day.


    green gas- poor at temps below 80F. the gas doesn't expand at lower temps, pressure is often too low.

    co2- more expensive than green gas, poor choice for automatic fire due to slower rate of gas expansion at lower temps.

    so it depends on how you play and your climate. for me I prefer co2 for pistols and sniper. green gas for smg/rifle. i wish my sniper can use co2. green gas isn't better than co for smg/rifle but at least it's easy to refill.

    my cost calculations...

    green gas is $10 per 8 oz can

    propane is $2.56 per pound

    co2 is $0.25 per cartridge

    my gas consumption

    green gas typically 70-90 shots per fill

    propane typically 50-60 shots per fill

    co2 is 160 shots per cartridge.

    on average 50 fills per can or 100 fills per pound of propane.

    green gas/propane = KWA MP9 GBB with NS2

    co2 = Cybergun Sigma sw40f GBB

    both guns shoot about 320 fps so the comparison should be fair.

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