Is MCD a bigger comapny or KFC? which has the maximum profits?

so almost everywhere theres a mcd theres a kfc alongside... and both are jampacked all the time.. which one is a bigger company??

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    7 years ago
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    mcdonald's is bigger and with kfc very close but by my observations, because i live across the street from kfc and mcdonald's on this side. i notice almost 4 x s the amount of traffic at mcd than kfc. today at lunch mcd had about 50 cars go through, about 11 in lot, compared to kfc 18 go through and 3 in lot. DQ HAS THEM BOTH BEAT in canada, they have line ups... TOO MANY SENIORS HANG AT MCD SO I WONT GO THERE, kfc in canada is yellow chicken with flavour extract added to oil , tastes nothing like kentucky fried chicken and the gravy tastes like it is from the 70 s wall paper paste. DQ IS pretty good except their burger meat tastes like they added a gas /charcole flavour which i find i keep belching up, even an hour gravy is just awful only zellers gravy is better and thats not saying much.

    and i have never seen kfc jammed packed except on pec ker cheque day and then its just busy..i would say DQ has picked up kfc's loss because mcd is about the same but DQ i have noticed its busieri . KFC complaints i hear are 1 chicken tastes different. smells different when you leave the restaurant

    2 looks yellow and 3 chicken ever small .i hear alot of ' wow price went up and chicken got smaller'

    i watched a lot of companys want to grow but it seems the market is too expensive to operate a kfc in canada, and i think the canadian gov has made the cost of living double that of america that kfc will leave canada... how can kfc stay afloat will such dismal numbers. i know kfc is moving away from FRESH to frozen and it will be theyre downfall..KENTUCKY FROZEN CHICKEN LOLOLOL YES THIS IS PART OF THE COL. ORIGINAL DREAM from FRESH CHICKEN to FROZEN NUGGETS..I SWEAR THE CHINESE OWN KFC, i see their business type of corporate cheaping out and useing an odour lure in restaurants now..smaller bird and up the price. so i wonder how long till kfc leaves. word on net is a canadian named derrickwilson solved the gravy recipe, i belive it, i mean 6 billion people world wide and if 100, 000 tackle the kfc code sooner or later some one will figure it out??others have solved the salads, so all thats left is the chicken lure, kfc s smell..

    remember the BIG MAC from the 70's , thats a burger , in canada a big mac is made with 4 kids patties and 2 patties don't even equal 1 normal patty.

    i feel mcd has maximum profits wear as kfc is part of a conglomerate .

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    Yum! Brands Inc. (NYSE: YUM) is the world's largest fast food company with 35,000 restaurants in over 110 countries. Yum restaurants include KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silvers (LJS), A&W, Pasta Bravo, Wing Street, and East Dawning. KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and LJS are the world leaders in their respective categories. There are three operating regions as well: the US, China, and International. Yum is part of the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry primarily competing with McDonald's (MCD), Domino's Pizza (DPZ), and Burger King Holdings (BKC

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    KFC is owned by Yum Brands which owns Long John Silvers, Taco Bell, and KFC. Mcdonalds owns Mcdonalds. Well currently Mcdonald stock is worth a 100 bucks while yum brands is only worth 75 dollars.

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