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Retirement & medical benefits (USA)?


I'm researching on retirement and medical benefits in the USA. I've determined most of the retirement requirements, but not for medical benefits. No matter how much i try to refresh the page, my browser won't let me access into (the social security website)...I'm trying to access to obtain the application form for both retirement and medical benefits...

Since I'm unable to enter the social security website, I do not have the ability to acquire the forms to fill out. I'm not residing in the USA, but I am a citizen and have met the qualifications years ago.

my question is: Are you still able to receive social security benefits/medical/retirement benefits if you do not currently reside in the USA? Also, must the applicant fill out the forms in-person? or can it be done online? - again, due to the lack of information from my inability to access the website, I am unable to acquire any of these information myself.

Thank you very much for any help.

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    Did you try

    If you dont live in the U.S. why are you looking for health care here?

    You can get your retirement benefits mailed to you in another country.

    You can do the application on line.

    Here is another link to Social Security to apply for retirement benefit. Maybe you can access this.

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    Social security doesn't GIVE medical benefits. It's ONLY about Medicare.

    You CAN get social security outside the USA. You will NOT find any Medicare providers, outside the USA.

    You do NOT need to fill in paperwork in person.

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    Outside of the U.S., you are able to access only the money part of the social security benefits/retirement benefits. The medical benefits are only available inside the U.S. (In extremely rare cases, a person in a part of the U.S. where there are no suitable doctors or hospitals may access the benefits in the nearest available medical facility, even if it is outside the U.S. However, a person who is already outside the U.S. always needs to come to the U.S. to access the medical benefits.)

  • Bill
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    7 years ago

    You can receive social security retirement payments even when you live out of the country. Medicare benefits do not extend beyond the borders.

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