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Rate these six names?

Comment on too for BA


Dean Anthony

Roman Alexander

Samuel Jameson "Sammy"


Luciana Paige "Lucy"

Alice Juliet Rose

Emma Louise

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  • Paula
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    7 years ago
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    Dean Anthony 5/10- dean is very nice. Anthony isn't my taste

    Roman Alexander 8/10- Roman is wonderful!! When I have a son, he will be Jack Roman, only reaso I knocked it down a little is that Alexander is too common imo

    Samuel Jameson 4/10- Samuel is too common, I know like 10 Sams, James is better than Jameson


    Luciana Paige "Lucy" 3/10- Lucy is better than Lucianna, never liked Paige

    Alice Juliet Rose 6/10- very cute, I like all of the names

    Emma Louise 6/10- Emma is great, Louise is ok

  • Boys:

    Dean Anthony ---4/10 (not my style.)

    Roman Alexander --- 7/10

    Samuel Jameson "Sammy"--- 5/10


    Luciana Paige "Lucy" --- 8/10

    Alice Juliet Rose--- 6/10 (without Juliet 8/10)

    Emma Louise--- 5/10 (I think Emma Rose sounds better.)

    (My friends name is Luciana. Here nickname's Lucy for short, but she spells is Luci.

  • 7 years ago

    Dean sounds like a scumbags name so no to that one. Roman Alexander is very cool. The last one is cute so I approve.

    I despise the name Paige. It's so boring. Louise is so old school its not cute anymore. Juliet Rose is lovely so yes to that. The first names are nice tho. Alice is my favorite in particular.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    For the boys I really love Roman Alexander, but I don't really like the other 2 which are of course my opinion! But I love all of the girl names, that you listed(:

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  • 4 years ago

    Veronica Jade --- 7/10 it is particularly lovable! Victoria wish --- 9/10 i like this call! I used Victoria summer season on my well-liked's checklist! Kylie Violet --- 8/10 This call is lovable! I used Kiley Dylan or Jane on my well-liked's checklist additionally! Davin Layne --- 5/10 ok, only not my style! Jensen Connor --- 5/10 i like Connor! to not keen on Jensen nevertheless..... Elliot Dean --- 6/10 as quickly as back, i like Elliot, do not somewhat like Dean.......Dane may well be a 9/10 i think of that Elliot Dean (or Dane) and Kylie Violet (or Dylan or Jane) may appear the terrific with Trixie and Avorie! Very lovable sib-set! i like the different options nevertheless, relatively for the lady's! BA1: i myself like the two the 1st call and the middle call for Avorie Capri! I additionally somewhat like Trixie, yet not lots Marie!!! BA2: Eli ought to o.k. be a nickname for Elliot! i'm hoping I helped in any way a danger!!! :-D

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