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Hatsan 125 .22 Vortex Gas Piston ?

After looking around more I found the Hatsan 125 Vortex Gas Ram .22 caliber air rifle for 300 ( includes gun, 3-9x32mm scope, and sling ) and thought that the extra power would be better for hunting ( over the 1000S 15-20 rifle ). It has The quattro trigger, SAS system, etc. Is it accurate ? I am assuming using 13 grain pellets ( you get Hatasan velocities using slightly under average weight pellets ) at the stated 1000 fps, you get 28 ft.lbs, but I rounded down to 975 and you get ~27.5 ft.lbs. To me this is adequate for a fox or raccoon with a clean head shot. Is it worth the extra weight and recoil over the 1000S ? You gain 8-13 ft.lbs over the 1000S with the 125.

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    normally i would have a long answer for this type of question, but its 2 a.m here in louisiana, and i have a doctor's appointment in 8 hours.

    anyways, it is worth the extra money. when hunting coons or possum, you need at least 12 foot pounds of energy on contact to humanely kill. the hatsan 125 vortex, delivers great power (foot pounds) about 30 foot pounds. the more foot pounds, the better. i would personally use heavier pellets such as the crosman premiers (14.3 grains, they work excellent in my benji titan, but that gun only delivers about 16 foot pounds so i use it for squirrel and rabbit). jsb/predator poly mags work pretty well too, but i find the crosman premiers penetrate better (at 10 yards, the poly mags failed to penetrate both sides of a 2 liter bottle filled with water and cornstarch, but the premiers went through every time) then again my gun is a about half as strong as that hatsan, and half the price. so with the hatsan, i would expect better penetration.

    read some reviews, watch some youtube, and figure out what pellets most people are shooting best with theirs. then simply buy a few tins of those, mount your scope (i suggest upgrading to something with an 40mm AO lens and some illumination would be good too for night time coon or possum hunting) the leapers 3-9x40 or the 4-16x50 are both great scopes, and generally cheap. you will need high or medium rise rings with the 40mm, and i recommend high for the 50mm.

    personally i would rather the benji trail np xl im .25 cal or .22, but both guns are nitro pistons, and generate near identical power. i just like the stock design or the trail/titan series.

    i took a sparrow's head off at 20 yards, blew a half inch hole out the side of squirrels heads at 10-20 yards, and dropped 3 rabbits dead in their tracks with 3/4 penetration at 30 yards with my titan. think about how fun and clean rabbits or squirrels can be taken with a more powerful gun!!

    last thing, if you are going to be hunting (legally of course) at night, if legal in your area, i recommend buying a flashlight mount that mounts onto your scope. i seen some that wrap around the tube, and some that replace the top part of the scope ring. great investment for night time hunts.

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    So essentially this is a lethality question right?

    If you want to know which one will have better penetration, its all about the ft/lbs. You can have a smaller bullet with a fast velocity and it will penetrate deeper than a big bullet low velocity.

    Just like a .40 will penetrate further than a .45. It has a larger force of impact.

    1000 fps is some serious velocity for an air gun. But pretty low for a .22 when stander .22 LR are anywehre from 1200 to 1800fps and deliver up to 70ft/lbs on average. And a head shot will put down a coon yes, but then theres a follow up shot need because of the muscle spasms. Normally a 2nd shot to the head works nicely.

    I just shot a coon today on the fly. All i had with me was my 9mm defense pistol and it didn't kill it like i thought it would. It was hit twice and still working its way up the tree.

    So if your looking at this for coons, i would recommend going straight to the rimfire .22. Its gonna give you everything an airgun can deliver and then some.

    - Ghost

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    The Hatsan 125 in .22 or .25 caliber will deliver "AROUND" 30ft-lbs

    Sporting air rifles generally tend to perform best when you keep the Muzzle Velocity between 800fps and 950fps. You do that by matching pellet weight to the power of the rifle. >In the case of the 125 it seems to generally prefer slightly heavy pellets. So I would go with the .22 caliber version, and shoot pellets in the 21 to 25gr weight range< There are more .22 caliber pellets to choose from than .25 caliber, and they're generally more available and less expensive.

    Hatsan 125

    video review

    Youtube thumbnail

    Yes, Rick is shooting the .25 caliber "Sniper" version, but it should give you an approximate idea of the overall performance(power/accuracy)

    Some Hatsan rifles are better than others. the 125, 1000 and 95 seem to generally be among the ones which perform well for the $$

    Is it worth the extra weight and recoil?

    And you left out that it's a bear to co'ck.

    That's really up to you.

    the 125 would greatly increase your range for small game. If you're a reasonably good shot, 75 yards would not be out of the question.

    The 125 is a hunting rifle, not one for a fun day plinking(50-100 shots)

    Hatsan 125

    Raccoon - at close range,

    Fox - It's going to be very difficult to get that close to a fox, unless you trap them.


    Added for your info

    If a great rifle is more the object, than saving money.

    These are still great value air rifles, they are just a bit more expensive than the ones you have mentioned so for.

    .25 caliber Benjamin Marauder**


    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    **the factory selling is around 40 to 44ft-lbs, but you can change that to 60ft-lbs+

    .22 caliber Diana(RWS) 350 Magnum(25ft-lbs)***


    869fps with the 14.5gr RWS Superdome = 24.3ft-lbs

    Yes, some 350's will deliver 26ft-lbs+ / but 24ft-lbs from the carbine(short barrel) version isn't bad

    video review

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    ***The 350 Magnum is the least expensive air rifle that I include among the worlds best

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    Hatsan 125

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