Tips for Warped Tour 2013?

I'm a Warped Tour virgin and my friend and I are going on July 20th and I kinda need some tips and advice lol so I'd prefer not to have links as the answer. Please type out stuff that's not like obvious (bug spray, sun block, markers, paper, phone, camera, closed toed shoes, germ gel, water, and money) so anything that is not one of those^ please inform me because I'm like super excited and if I don't shut up I'll keep rambling lol but thanks!

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    I've saved this so some are the obvious things, but oh well.

    Other tips and info:

    What to bring...

    1. Small backpack, drawstring bag, tote bag or anything to put stuff in.

    2. A couple of frozen, sealed water bottles. They usually cost around $3 to $4 at the event.

    3. Small snack that won't get squished and won't go bad. They usually have a pizza truck out there. Not sure how much it costs, but I think it's like $10.

    4. Sunscreen. That is a must and you must put it on constantly because you will get sunburned if you don't bring it.

    5. Deodorant if you'd like to.

    6. Charged phone/camera. Phone can be used for set times and when bands are meeting fans and of course photos. They don't allow the professional cameras in unless you have a photography pass thing.

    7. Money! Of course you need that. Here is an idea of how much things are. Shirts are usually $20 to $25. Shorts can either be $15 or $25. CDs can go for $5 to $10, maybe even $15. Sweaters can go for $40 and possibly $50. Posters depend on the band. Wristbands $5 or $10. Other stuff.. They sell schedules for like $3 I believe. Food is I think $10 and water can go from $3 to $5!

    Note: Try not to bring much because you will still have to carry merch and keep an eye that no one goes through your bag.

    8. Notebook or something bands can sign and to write down when bands play or meet fans.

    8. Sharpies! For signatures.

    10. And of course your ticket.

    What to wear...

    If you are a girl: You may wear a bathing suit top, but keep an eye no one pulls it off. If you don't feel comfortable with that, any shirt will do. Make sure it is a light color, not heavy and don't mind it getting sweaty, dirty and wet. Any shorts will do. If it's white it will get dirty. DO NOT wear open toed shoes. You will get stepped on and just like the others, they will get dirty. Don't bother putting on too much make up or making your hair look nice, you'll end up putting it in a pony tail or pulled back.

    If you are a guy: Basketball shorts are good. Any tee will do, but it's best not to wear black. Closed in shoes and that's pretty much it. And sunglasses if you'd like.

    The night before...

    1. Put water bottles in the freezer so they'll be frozen in the morning.

    2. Make sure you have everything either by your bag or in a bag.

    3. It would be best to shower in the morning so you are a bit cooler for the wait.

    4. And just try to sleep because you will need all that energy for the day of.

    Other info...

    1.Gates open at 11ish. So to be in front of the line you should get there like three hours earlier, but people are unpredictable. They usually don't let you into the gate until 12/12:30.

    2.Once you get into the gate, go to the inflatable VANS Wall. Either write down, put it in your phone or use the schedule when a band you'd like to see is playing and what stage. There are usually four to six stages. If you get a schedule it will show where the stages are at.

    3. TAKE AS MANY BREAKS AS YOU NEED! I see so many people pass out because of that. There is a tent where they have mist coming out of it, and last year they had a slip n slide kind of thing. Stay hydrated as well. There is a water canteen place where you can feel up your water bottle or get a drink. To be honest, it doesn't taste well, but if you need it get it.

    4. If you see someone hurt or have fallen, help them. There is a first aid tent around with paramedics and there will be a map on the back of the schedule showing it.

    5. If you have a Tumblr or Twitter keep an eye out on whether a band has limited meet and greets.

    6. They always get the line up. Like lets say you wanted to see Chiodos. The day before you date they play at 12 on Main Stage. Well the day of your date they may play at 5, but they will still be on the Main Stage.

    7. If you don't want to be in the mosh pit, don't be in the center of a crowd. That's where it usually happens. Go in the back or the sides. You can go in the front, but you usually get hit by crowd surfers.

    8. Last year they had a 'reverse daycare' which means parents who went along with their child get to go to a tent where they have refreshments, movies and a place where parents can chill. But if they want to go 'cause they're tired of walking around YOU have to take them. They won't allow adults to go in without their child.

    Source(s): Warped '09 '10 '12 and soon '13!
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    Bring earplugs, the music will be horrible.

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