How bright is 50,000 mcd?

I bought emergency warning lights for my car (im an EMT). It says theyre 50,000 mcd. How bright is that? Bright enough to be seen from a distance in daylight?

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  • s
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    7 years ago
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    A mcd is a milliCandela where a Candela is roughly the illuminous intensity of one candle when lit, so a milliCandela is 1/1000 of the illuminous intensity of one candle.

    So 1/1000 of a canlde light times 50,000 mcd = 50 candles luminous intensity.

    Yes this is bright enough to be see at a distance even in daylight. Keep in mind that this is a concentrated light energy in a small area and *not* distributed as if there were candles seperated.

    Source(s): ALOT of engineering experience.
  • Oreo
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    7 years ago

    Solar lights around your house puts off about 12,000 LED. I don't think 50,000 would be seen at too much of a distance down the road etc even at night. You need the bigger flasher light that goes on top or on your sun visor that pulls down to really get someones attn such as vol. fire fighters have

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