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How do you say "they came into power" in French?

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    The closest rendering, according to Harraps French dictionary, is:

    ils sont arrivés au pouvoir = they came into power (literally: they arrived at power)

    Here are some examples of the phrase from Linguee, the professional translators' website:

    1. Lorsque les conservateurs sont arrivés au pouvoir, le coussin a presque complètement disparu = When the Conservatives came to power, the cushion virtually completely disappeared

    2. Les libéraux sont arrivés au pouvoir en 1993 et, si je ne m'abuse, à la veille des élections ils se sont soudain aperçu qu'il fallait adopter une telle loi. = The Liberals came to power in 1993, and if I am not mistaken, on the eve of an election suddenly wakened to the fact that we needed to have such legislation in place.

    3. Il faut reconnaître, en toute justice, que la Colombie traversait une période difficile lorsque le président Gaviria et son gouvernement sont arrivés au pouvoir = In fairness, President Gaviria and his government came to power at a difficult time for Colombia.

    4. 1933-39 : Les nazis sont arrivés au pouvoir et de nombreux Juifs ont décidé de quitter l'Allemagne = 1933-39: The Nazis have come to power, and many Jews have decided to leave Germany.


    The phrase "ils ont pris le pouvoir" means, according to the same authoritative Harraps bilingual dictionary, "they assumed power" or "they took office", which suggests a more active adoption of power (prendre = to take) than the inheritance of power as a consequence, say, of achieving a majority vote in an election (arriver à = to come to, to arrive at).

    Source(s): Studied and taught French.
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    ils ont pris le pouvoir

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