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If Noah experienced a flood that covered the entire world including every mountain, like the Rockies and Mont?

Blanc, the water would have been 4-5 miles deep......uhhhh...where did it all go?


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Update 2:

@Taylor....Sorry, I'm bored, just waiting for the kids to get up SOMETIME this morning...(teenagers)

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@lady, let me get this right, the water rose from under the ground, about 4 miles deep, and was replaced with...what? sand? AIR? Lava? a vacuum?So the water floated above the air and flooded the world......even you see how ridiculous this is?

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    Except that the water was meters deep only and covered hills only. (biblical fiction)

    How does an ark that carries two of every kind of animal and insect in the universe fit on a boat that needs miles deep of an ocean to float? Exactly. It's a ******** story.

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    Ah, gee, then I guess every culture in the world that has a flood story from the same TIME PERIOD is wrong. Much became lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, and it receded back under grounded, what is hard to understand?

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    Why is it that liberal like you just can't tell the difference between religion and politics? Is it because you have to have faith in people like Obama whom the facts keep working against? Try posting this in the appropriate category next time.

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    It's pretty common to exaggerate stories... especially over thousands of years.

    Hell. it happens in Y/A over 4 years

    This is politics beav.... put these posts there

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    The center of the Earth is water. Satan hid it, just like he planted dinosaur bones.

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    Two Thirds of the earth is covered with water, it all didn't go...

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    my guess is that you never paid attention in science class, ever hear of aqua-firs, or underground formations that hold water, the San Louis valley in Colorado has one of the largest aqua-firs that exist to day

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    So if humans can't explain something, well, then it simply cannot be?

    Please tell me what the exact dimensions of the Universe are? Oh, thats right, you can't!

    Well then, according to your earlier logic, the Universe doesn't exist !

    Source(s): Your Blend of Arrogance & Stupidity
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