Does "Kathryn Morris" the Actress Have a Fan Club?

Hi! I love "Kathryn Morris". I think she's a great & down to earth actress. She may not be big as "Sandra Bullock", but thru some of her work ("Cold Case", "Sweeter Side of Life", etc.) & seeing some interviews of her she Really embraces life. So, I was wondering if someone could tell me Where I could join a Fan Club in receiving updates on her & (this may sound stupid, but) maybe I could send her a message (Not like she has All the time in the world to read her fan mail, but)?? This is just a thought.

Now I did a Yahoo search on Kathryn Morris Fan Club & the Fan Clubs I got or @ least 1 of them mainly had pics, bio, & her Movies/TV works, but I didn't see anywhere where you could join. The only sites I saw were:

which has something called an "Affiliate" which seem to be only for Professional Co.'s & Actors/Actresses, but Not for the General Public.

& the 2nd site is:

which seems a little confusing - meaning you have to go thru a Whole "dog & pony show" just to Join Her Fan Club??!! Like you have to Join "Fan Pop" first to register. Ugh!! So,

Can anyone tell me if Kathryn Morris has a Fan Club for the GENERAL PUBLIC (like me)??

I Love "Cold Case" & the "Sweeter Side of Life". She said in an interview that she would like to try or get into comedy & I think she would be great. Plus, I also like to write to her fans - you know how fans talk about their fav celeb & share info., etc.??!!

Anyway, please let me know. I'm open to any suggestions.

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  • 7 years ago
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    You can just be a fan and all, can't you? Why do you have to join a club that offers you no benefits?

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    great insightful answers, thank you

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