Whats a good bang style for my hair?

My head is like a oval roundish shape and i have side bangs for like ages now and I'm wondering what kind of bangs should i get? (personally don't like straight bangs) Pictures would be useful for the look or a video

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  • 8 years ago
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    You want to cancel out narrowness with tousled curls, lush waves, and dense bangs," says Garren a master hairstylist. A good rule to go by: "The fuller the hair, the fuller the face will seem."

    Celebrities with oval face shapes:  Jennifer Aniston | Cameron Diaz | Mariah Carey | Cindy Crawford | Jewel | Heather Locklear | Sharon Stone | Uma Thurman | Julia Roberts | Courtney Cox Arquette | Elle MacPherson | Tyra Banks AND Kate Middleton.

    Google them and see if you can find how they cut & style their hair, so you have an idea.

    Better yet, watch Pretty Woman - Julia Roberts's hair in that movie! In the 90's, they didn't have many hair products or heating tools and they also styled her hair many ways!


    Examples of celebs with round face: Ginnifer Goodwin, Monique, Ingrid Bergman Roseanne Barr Kate Winslet Natalie Merchant Drew Barrymore Christina Ricci Charlotte Church

    Google them and see if you can find how they cut & style their hair, so you have an idea.

    The only way to find out is to experiment with your own hair.

    In front of a mirror, use a comb, and experiment. I suggest you cut your own bangs. I cut mine weekly! Google hair dresser horror stories. About 2,380,000 results (0.20 seconds). Start out thin, enough to show bangs/face.

    Start by parting them in the middle. How do they look on you? Ask a friend's advice. Part them on the right, how do you feel having annoying hair on the right? Maybe it works for you, but I don't know much about your hair texture. Part them on the left. I would try each and see which one is best.

    Try them on each day in school and see which one gives you the most compliments or if anyone ever notice your new hairstyle.

    I've parted my hair either way, but I prefer bangs like, Stevie Nicks she had the same style bangs for over 5 decades! I have mine for over 3 decades. I recently started growing them for 3 months, but it got so annoying, so off they were cut like before again. LOL. I cut mine every week!

    I do not part my hair at all. I push them to one side, but never in the middle anymore. When my hair was stick straight, everyone's hairstyles were parted in the middle.

    My advice: what looks good on one girl may look bad on you. We don't all have the same shape face and hair texture.

    Chelsea Newman - Young & the Restless - just cut her bangs! Go take a look!

    Check out: Britney Spears Got Bangs!10-22-12.

    or Lauren Conrad's bangs. 5-23-13.

    Michelle Obama's bangs debuted during the Inauguration, on her 49th birthday!

    Kourtney & Kim Kardashain's bangs, check them out, too! "Her new look is absolutely banging! The pregnant hottie was reportedly "definitely nervous" when she arrived at the salon to have her hair cut. into stylish bangs." 3-14-13 During the MTV Award 4-16-13: ". The reality star recently posted a picture of herself on Instagram with the caption, “Please grow out bangs! You’re officially bugging me!”"

    There is a small amount of people say, "I love my hair exactly the way it is." I mean if we have straight hair we want it curly, short we want it long, and vice versa.

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