Are my junior year highschool courses acceptable for majoring biology in college?

I'm finishing up my junior year of highschool and starting to look at colleges and what I want to major in. I'm looking to major in biology to become an orthodontist. I'm well aware of the road ahead of me and kind of regretting not taking more challenging classes this year because I know colleges mainly look at your junior year. Here are the classes I've taken:

Honors chemistry 2: A A A+

Honors Anatomy and Physiology: A+ A+ A+

Honors physics: A A A+

Algebra 2: A A A+

English 3: A B+ A

French 3: A A A

Gym: A+ A A+

U.S history 2: A A A+

I feel like the classes I took are not challenging enough. I'm not looking to get into an IV league school but defiantly a university that is known. I know there is more to getting accepted to a college then just the classes you have taken but do you think this is a good background for colleges to look at? I am taking AP bio and AP chemistry my senior year but my guidance counselor said colleges won't see that.



My school requires 4 years of gym

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    I think if you have the passion for science and you do extracurricular activities for it, I think you can get into a respectable university.

    In terms of majoring in biology, yes you can. Just work hard.

    Why haven't you take any AP classes yet?

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  • girst
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    4 years ago

    I'm now not addressing all your questions, but would propose: 1. Establishing excellent be trained habits, 2. Getting the exceptional grades that you would be able to, 3. Collaborating in further-curricular events to come to be a well-rounded individual, and, 4. Do not beat your self up over figuring out instantly for your existence's work . I am simply guessing, however feel that you have until the end of your sophomore yr in undergraduate college to decide on. Nonetheless, be certain you verify the medical university catalog to be certain that you are taking the pre-requisite courses.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Behaving defiantly is very childish

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