How is this Pokemon team? Help please?

I'm assebling a team to battle a friend on Sunday tomorrow.


Ursaring - Adamant

Guts, Toxic/Flame Orb

Close Combat




168 Atk

168 HP

84 Def

88 Spe

It's weird spread but I think it'll work nicely.

Floatzel - Jolly

I have no idea what the EVs should be...

I have no idea what item should be used...


Bulk Up


Baton Pass

Volcarona - Timid or Modest?

Flame Body

Focus Sash/Light Clay

252 Sp Atk, 252 Spe, 4 HP

Rage Powder

Light Screen

Heat Wave

Bug Buzz

Alakazam - Timid or Modest? (Magic Guard)

Life Orb

Focus Blast


Shadow Ball

Energy Ball

Here's what I'm planning on doing:

Floatzel and Volcarona are sent out first. Volcarona uses Rage Powder to draw moves to itself, while Floatzel sets up Agility and Bulk Up (IN THAT ORDER)

Then when Volcarona gets KOed, I put Alakazam in its place. Ursaring will take Floatzel's place.

Bulk Up is optional. If I find that Volcarona gets OHKOed, (Or One Turn KOed with a Focus Sash) one Agility is all I need for Ursaring to sweep the team with its Guts-boosted -Facade. (It's 315 power, after adding Guts, STAB, and Facade)

When I send out Ursaring and Alakazam, Floatzel's purpose is done.

And, Alakazam is only there to sweep whatever Ursaring's Guts-Boosted-Facade can't. (Steel, Ghost, really REALLY bulky physical walls, etc.)

The Light Screen is to patch up Ursaring's exposed Special Defesne if Floatzel maganges to get in a Bulk Up. Then it's like having Dual Screens for Ursaring.

How is this strategy? Is it any good? (We don't play with tiers by the way)

And if I shouldn't be using Light Screen on Volcarona, what should I be using?

Thanks for any help!

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    It's really good I think. But I think you should change some of Floatzel's moves since only one does damage. You could teach it like Brick Break or something. Maybe Aerial Ace? I'm not sure if it can learn that. I only said it because Beartic can learn it, which you wouldn't expect. Hope it helps!

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