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What did Joan of Arc do and ideas had back then and how did those ideas challenge a long held beliefs?

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    You've asked about one of my favorite historical figures.

    Joan was a girl whose parents were comfortable farmers. She was illiterate, because no one at the time she lived (in the1400's) believed that a girl of her social class needed to know such things.

    At the time her nation, France, was still fighting the Hundred Years' War with England (actually, the war lasted for closer to 110 years). To Joan, France was holy ground, and she was very unhappy with things as they were. She prayed about this often, and when she was tending sheep in the pasture one day, claimed to have received visions of Michael the Archangel, and Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret as well.

    She was told that she had a divine mission to relieve the siege of the town of Orleans and to see that the dauphin (the French crown prince, whose father was dead) was escorted to Rheims to be properly crowned as king.

    Of course, no one believed her, but one of her cousins escorted her to meet with a local lord (I think his name was De Baudricourt), who told her cousin to take her home and see that she was beaten for her delusion.

    However, the lord eventually changed his mind and agreed to send men to escort her to the place where the Dauphin's court was in residence.

    Joan proved her credentials by immediately going to kneel before the Dauphin, who was dressed like any courtier while another man wore his royal robes.

    Long story shortened, Joan led the French army in the relief of Orleans (and the townspeople adopted her as a daughter, even giving her a house in the town). She then saw to it that the Dauphin made it to Rheims to be duly anointed and consecrated as King of France.

    Her mission over, she wanted to go home and pick up her previous life. Unfortunately, the Dauphin (now King Charles VIII), had come to regard her as a lucky charm and insisted that she continue to fight.

    Well, things didn't go too well after that for the Maid of Orleans. She was captured by the Burgundians (and well-treated while in their custody), then sold to their English allies, and from there it was downhill for Joan.

    Her adopted city raised money for the purpose of ransoming her, but the English would have none of it.

    She was imprisoned (and possibly raped by at least one English soldier, because in her capacity of saint in the Catholic Church, her patronages are rape victims, as well as females in the military and, of course, France itself). She tried to escape, was recaptured, and charged with witchcraft and heresy.

    This was a matter for an ecclesiastical court, and of course the judges found her guilty. She was burned at the stake at the age of nineteen.

    Now, she ran foul of her own church by claiming Divine guidance directly--at the time, the Catholic Church felt that God spoke only through its clergy, primarily the Pope. She also stepped way out of the prescribed role for women of her day by acting on this guidance, instead of staying home, marrying some nice young man from her village, and having babies.

    About twenty years later, King Charles VIII pressed for a reopening of her case. She was absolved of the charges of being a witch and a heretic, which paved the way for her canonization as a saint in the Catholic Church in 1920.

    Source(s): Joan's story has captivated me since childhood--a church I attended at the time had a series of stained glass windows depicting the events of her life
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