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Is The Confederate Flag Racist?

I believe so simply because the south had slaves but give me a good supported argument saying why or why not

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    It depends upon who is displaying it or waving it in your face.If a Klansman or a Neo-Nazi has one then you can be sure it's a symbol of racism.You have to understand there are many persons in the South who feel a deep sympathy for the old Confederacy and still fight all those Civil War battles in their sleep.To them the Confederate flag is a symbol of a historical era and the Lost Cause.There is nothing racist about it for these folks.I had a roommate in college who was very pro-Union and he always insisted the Confederate flag was only useful as a shoe shine rag.He fought all those battles in his sleep too but from the other side.

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    I am Non White and I am Not Racist but i do own a confederate Flag to me it Represents the Victims of empire Building Racist and has or had nothing to do with slavery

    Lincoln actually said I will allow you to continue to have slaves up to 1900 and beyond if you stay in the Union this proves Lincolns war was about states Rights

    Lee used it for all of the Civil war and never owned slaves during Lincolns Illegal war Unlike Grant who only released his slaves after the 15 amendment so if the Confederate flag is Racist then so Must the Stars and Strips

    because the south after the war never had any slaves according to Lincoln he said he emancipated them

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    The Confederate Flag shouldn't be considered racist, and here's why: there were blacks that actually fought for and supported the Confederacy; Native Americans fought for the Confederacy to keep their black slaves; and very few of the white Confederates who fought actually owned slaves. While there were no shortage of racists in the C.S.A. (or the Union), the majority of Southerners were not did not own slaves.

    Unfortunately, many racist groups like the Ku Klux Klan and Neo-Nazis use it. However, the flag itself was never meant to be racist.

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    Unlike the American flag, the Confederate Flag is a true Christian Flag in that it has upon it the Cross of Saint Andrew.


    Just go from there.

    The Confederate Flag is not racist and many on the Confederate side in the Civil War opposed slavery, not least Robert E Lee.


    The Confederate flag of Honor - Battle Standard of Freedom


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    I'd just like to add that a neighbour of mine here in London has the Confederate flag in one of his windows all the time. He is Chinese - just don't ask!

    Former Ku Klux Klan leader Johnny Lee Clary KKK


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    Freedom and Liberty for all.

    London UK 080613.0914

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    slavery has only been Illegal for about 150 years.

    slavery has existed as long as civilization.

    The roman empire had slaves, but the roman flag inst a symbol of slavery.

    a flag is a symbol of the people that rally behind it, not the beliefs they share.

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    i hate to say this but the confederate flag is popular with the not so bright semi racist rednecks around my town.they literally have it hanging up in the windows of their trailers! i also watched a video in my social studies class and the kkk adopted it as a Symbol also. so yes id i think it is. its a shame people need to move on.

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    Well there is two sides to every word . They would say it repusents there loyalty to there home but in the same sence my commuity is racist and i have started fist fights over sterotyping. So could you be a drone ?

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    It depends if you think the civil war was about "states rights" or about "slavery" . But since the southern states started the war before any anti-slavery votes were ever taken, it seem clear that the war was NOT about "states rights" since none we denied before the war stated.

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