What exactly is the U.S. Naval Academy ?

Can you do it while in high-school? is it a substitute for Navy boot camp? Can it help you Excel in the Navy? how can you apply? please no asshole answers .Please and thank you

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    The Naval Academy is an Ivy-League level college designed specifically to train Navy officers. It's one of the most difficult schools to get into, right up there with Harvard, Princeton and Stanford so unless you have top grades and test scores, are a three-sport varsity athlete, and are involved in student body leadership activities, it's probably not for you. You also have to get a recommendation from on of your state's sitting senators or national congressman.

    It's four years, but that's where its similarity to regular college ends. It's like bootcamp with college level classes for four years; close to half the people who start freshman year get kicked out or quit before they're commissioned (graduate) at the end of senior year. You apply by contacting a Naval Academy recruiter, which you may have to do through the Navy.gov website, or through an enlisted recruiter. They will walk you through the process for the paper work, and get you set up for your physical and background check interview.

    If you do get into the academy, you'll report the summer after you graduate high school to begin training. While you're there, you'll be expected to maintain at least a C in every class. You'll also receive a paycheck of a few hundred dollars every month, however you'll have to spend most of it on keeping up with your uniforms' maintenance. You'll have a week off at Christmas and Easter to go visit your family if you wish. The academy also does not have tuition, which is one of the reasons it's so competitive to get in.

    If you want to become a Naval officer and don't think you can get into the USNA, you can look into NROTC programs. They're a bit more laid back and will pay for you to go to a state college in exchange for four years of active duty when you graduate.

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    it is a 4 year degree granting institution whose sole purpose is to Produce Navy and Marine Officers.

    12 seconds on Google would have told you everything you need to know about how to get a nomination.

    yes you will use Excel while in the Navy, although not very much. there are better spreadsheet programs out there anyway.

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    I often wonder why we even spend umpteen millions of $$$ on recruiting websites. The DOD should just pay Y!A

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    Most of your questions can be answered here:


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