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How to get over my guilt for a kitten's death?

I was on my grandparent's farm and took my dog out to pee. He started sniffing frantically like he always does. He's a terrier, so him flipping out about stupid scents isn't new. When he went over to a bush, I called him back. He didn't listen, so I started to go over to get him. Then he lunged, and I knew there was a cat in there. Then I heard adult hisses, so I was a little calmed. Just an adult. It could get away. I still ran a little, though, to get him out. My dog was really tangled in the bushes, so I thought for a couple seconds on how to get him out without hurting him. Really wish I hadn't worried about that. Even if I did yank him out by his tail, he wouldn't have died! As soon as I pulled him out, I saw he drug a month old kitten with him. I ran my dog to the house and threw him in before running back to the kitten, but it was too late. The other one was injured but still OK. This one had its whole side covered in blood coming from its mouth. I started crying when the mom came back and saw her little baby. I feel absolutely terrible, and regardless if its instinct or not, I'm having a really hard time forgiving my dog. What can I do?

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    Hold a nice memorial service for the kitten. Sing "Somewhere over the rainbow/what a wonderful world" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. Bury it underneath a nice tree. Say some good words. Honor it, but don't be guilty.

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    What a horrible story, my condolences to your kitties;

    I'll suggest you go to Youtube and watch some vids on cute days old kitties,

    then go out and get a new one and start over,

    and learn to find a compatibility between cat and dog in the process.

    Kitties are super cute, they need our indulgence!

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    So sorry u had to see the poor kitten, I honestly don't think you will get better advice than what "meme" has given, such a thoughtful and nice idea :-)

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