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I am planning to buy a smsung 7500 series Smart HD 3D TV. If I wish to download films on line from internet,?

I am planning to buy a Samsung Smart 3D 7500 series Smart TV. Please advise if I wish to download films from internet on line, will the built-in Ram of the Smart TV be sufficient for normal use. Is this model good enough to watch films on line after down-loading. Will the Smart TV become slow . Please advise

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    With a smart TV, you don't download, you stream from the legitimate streaming services.

    I know of no major legitimate download service that does not use DRM, or allow what it seems you want.

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    There are several apps on this TV that will stream movies from services like YouTube and Netflix.

    You can also play movies that you put on a USB stick, on Samsung TVs this is called "ConnectShare".

    Apparently it is very picky about which formats of video it will play, so you have to look in the manual of your specific TV and make sure you have the right format. Just because it plays on the PC doesn't mean it will play on the TV.

    Regardless of which files are on the USB stick, either they will play or they won't. Either way, the TV's performance won't be affected.

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    You cannot store the video on the television. You have to copy the video files to a USB flash drive, plug it in, then navigate to the video files.

    You normally cannot use a USB based hard drive. HDTV's and BluRay players tend to NOT work with HDD's.

    Any 'movie' you download is probably a pirated film with questionable encoding. The TV makers want to make sure crappy videos do not 'crash' the television operating system so they are very conservative about the file formats.

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    You can watch hundreds of movies new & old ones on alot of the TV demand sites without having to subscribe to Netflix. Hulu has tons on it. If you are outside of US or you are outside UK you can get register and install a VPN, takes 2 minutes and will allow access to pretty much all you get off Netflix and loads more too. See

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