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Rabbit Checklist?????

I was thinking about asking for a bunny to keep, but I want a checklist of rabbit supplies that I will need along with the prices. I want it to include the price of spaying/neutering, and an NIC cage (I think that is what they are called) or a puppy pen for a cage, those cages in the store are so small!

I would like to have a checklist from Rabbit owners please :)

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    An NIC cage will probably cost at least $50, but could be more. A lot depend on where you buy the grids and how big you build it. You would need about 26 to make a 2X3 cage with top, larger cages or using levels will require more. A 4X8ft sheet of coroplast could be $20-30. Other things like zip ties, duct tape and dowel could be another $10-20. But for the size of cage you can make, it is a lot cheaper than a pet store cage.

    For an x-pen, try to find a used one or one on sale as you can save a lot of money. If you don't use a top, you should get a 3ft pen. If you do use a top, you could do a 2ft one. You will also need something to cover the floor, you can use coroplast, foam mats or just a tarp with blankets. I would recommend a dog x-pen made of metal. Plastic would be easily chewed and the ones made for small animals tend to be flimsy. You could probably find a pen for about $40-50.

    A large cat litter box will be about $5. You might be able to find something similar for less, check dollar stores or even second hand shops.

    Food and water dishes can be a couple dollars each. I prefer ceramic or metal dishes. Ones that hang on the side of the cage are a bit more expensive. A water bottle will be about $5.

    Litter for the litter box can vary. I use wood pellets which cost about $5-6 for 40 pounds. Other safe litters are Yesterdays news (newspaper pellets), or carefresh. Avoid wood shavings as they can be toxic and dusty.

    Don't use litter in the whole cage. Fleece or towels will work well. You should get at least 2 sets so there is one in the cage while you wash the other. It will probably cost about $10-20 depending on what you get. Second hand stores or dollar stores should have some good stuff that is not too pricey.

    A hay rack is a good idea. The ones at pet stores are small and expensive. You can bend an NIC grid into a U shape and use that. Wire baskets can also work. There is a wide variety of things that can be used and not cost much. Some people do just put hay in the litter box as rabbits like to pee where they eat.

    A bed can be around $10. My rabbits seem to prefer the doughnut type, with a flat bottom and a ring around the edge, these are usually sold as cat beds.

    You will need toys. Hard plastic ones are good. Edible toys such as hay balls or mats are also good. Some rabbits like cardboard tubes to boxes.

    Cleaning products are a must. A dust pan and brush and a litter scoop will work to clean out the cage or pen. A spray bottle with a mix of vinegar and water will work to clean up urine stains. For scrubbing out the litter box, regular dish soap will work and you may want a separate dish brush.

    A carrier is a good idea to have. I prefer hard sided ones which cost about $20 at Walmart, but you can find them for less used. Soft sided ones are easier to store, but can be chewed and offer little protection in the event of a car accident. Put a towel in the carrier for traction and absorption and some hay to nibble on.

    For grooming, a set of nail clippers and stuff to stop bleeding (just in case) are needed unless you want to pay $10+ to get them done. A soft brush is good to brush out your rabbit. A fine tooth comb can also be good for some rabbits. If you are not sure about nail trimming, find someone to show you how to do it. It's not too hard, but can be tricky with a rabbit who doesn't like to have it done.

    Vet care can be expensive. A check up can be $50-100. A spay or neuter can range from $100-400 depending on the vet. If there is something wrong with your rabbit that requires a vet visit, it can easily be $200 or more. It is important to find a rabbit savvy vet and not worry too much about cost unless there is a really big difference. I would rather pay a bit more for a vet I trust than try to save some money and not have a good vet.

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  • 7 years ago

    Kate M has a pretty thorough list, so I won't add to it.

    The spaying/neutering costs really do vary greatly per vet. That's why she can only give a range.

    It sounds like you are putting together an information packet on bunny supplies. I suggest you also include the basics on rabbit care too.

    There is a free Pet Rabbit Handbook at the following site. You just print it out and put it together yourself (some cutting involved). It has additional info that will be helpful to add to your current list. There are also photos of some of x-pens and NIC cages you mentioned on the site.


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