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Cruiserweight dreamfight. Ezzard Charles s Roy Jones Jr. Who wins?

12 or 15 rounds your choice and at their best. I asked this previously and got no response so hopefully I will get some good answers this time.

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  • teodor
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    Jones speed would indeed be a factor in this fight but not as much as in Roy's winning bouts against the foes he had met at middleweight, super middleweight and light heavyweights. Charles was the first truly modern heavyweight from whom the likes of Patterson, Ali and all those sleek heavies patterned some of their moves. Charles is acknowledged as the best light heavyweight ever. That's the weight class where a dream fight with Jones could be made. Jones never fought at cruiserweights in his prime unlike contemporary James Toney who made a mark there. Jones could be a cruiserweight now but he was well past his prime.

    A dream fight at light heavyweight, I would favor Charles because of one factor which would neutralize Jones' edge in speed---Charles' effective and powerful jabbing. It was one effective weapon Charles used in beating many light heavyweight ATGs including the much avoided Charley Burley, Archie Moore and Joey Maxim and heavyweight ATGs including Joe Louis and Jersey Joe Walcott.

    We are just mesmerized by Jones' brilliance in his heydays but Jones never really met somebody as talented, skilled, disciplined and powerful as Ezzard at 175 lbs. Most of the guys he met at that weight in his time were has beens or outright bums.

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  • 7 years ago

    Hello sir, welcome back. Prime Roy was simply untouchable but Charles definitely aint no pushover. People through the years thought RJJ was a beast with unknown weakness. That said, i believe Roy Jones in his absolute best would decision Ezzard and a clear one at that even against Charles' Caliber. Hence make no mistake at this one, if Charles touches Roy, (that's a big if cuz' I've never seen Roy get hit in his prime) it'll be lights out and Roy simply cant get up with someone a big puncher as Ezzard Charles

    Wide UD for Roy or TKo for Charles if he ever lands one with the former idea heavily favored

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  • 7 years ago

    At his peak, Jones would have beat anyone in history, he was so quick nobody could hit him, but that questionable chin against a puncher the caliber of Ezzard Charles would make this one almost a coin toss. I have Jones a slight favorite and Charles a very live underdog in this one,.

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  • 7 years ago

    I liked Charles and consider him an all time great, but I think Jones had too much speed for Charles.I am going with Roy Jones in a unanimous decision in either 12 or 15 rounds

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