What is en passant mean?

in chess I dont know the moves of en passant


The en passant rule that use of pawns

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    It is an exception to the normal rules of capturing done by pawns.

    A pawn captures another piece diagonal-forward.

    When a pawn of the opponent is still at the begin-position (2nd row) it can move two squares forward to the 4th row. That is when capturing "en passant" can be done. Only IMMEDIATELY after the opponent has moved a pawn two squares forward to the 4th row, it can be captured by a PAWN (only a PAWN can capture "en passant") of the enemy just as if it would have moved to the 3th row. This means that the enemy's pawn is on the 4th row in a column adjacent to the column of the pawn that has been moved forward to the 4th row. The enemy's pawn doesn't go to the place, where the pawn it takes is (on the 4th row), but moves to the 3th row, just behind the pawn it takes !!!

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    Here is a link to a US Chess Federation video that explains en passant


    And here is a link to the written explanation of the rules, that also explains en passant.


    See section VI --which includes diagrams.

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    Used in reference to a move in chess in which a pawn that has just completed an initial advance to its fourth rank is captured by an opponent pawn as if it had only moved to its third rank.

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    Chess rule only for pawn. U can see it in chess.com site or in another site.

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