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6 planets all in Capricorn?

Hey! I've been into Astrology for a while and I just wanted to see what an expert would think of the constellium I have.

I have six planets in Capricorn; Neptune, Urunus, Sun, Mercury 2 deg, Venus 1 deg and Mars 6 deg with Mars and Sun both at 6 degrees fusion. neptune, urunus, sun and mars are all in the ninth house with venus and mercury in the 8th house. mars, sun, mercury and venus trine my ascendant (which is in taurus) which forms a grand trine with chiron in virgo, 5th house.

also this grand trine forms a kite with jupiter in the 7th house scorpio (two sextiles) and my saturn is in the 10th house aquarius. what does this all mean, all i want to do in life is pursue higher education, but there seems to be confusion around it and everyhting comes easy to me, it seems like i don't have to work for anything.. what are your thoughts to what kind of person I am and future i might have? thanks webpeeps

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  • tedman
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    4 years ago

    "Unstable" is this sort of vague phrase. And just when you consider that you have 6 planets in Capricorn does now not make you "stable." You have got to appear at what planets they are. Because you may have Saturn Uranus & Neptune in Cap, that suggests you had been born, what, Feb seventh or 8th, 1990? That is only you probably have a cancer Moon... When you've got a Pisces Moon you might be Jan 30th or 31st. Well Saturn could also be completely happy in Capricorn, and Mars & Mercury can take care of it, however Neptune & Uranus chafe at being in Capricorn. Neptune is concerning the ephemeral, the spiritual... Form of vain to Capricorn, and Uranus is set freedom and chaos, additionally difficult for ol' Capricorn manage. And Venus in Cap? Difficult being loving and calculating even as. You quite must appear at the entire chart, and what all the planets are doing, and the way they facet each and every other. And the solar, Moon & Rising collectively are the three predominant features in any one's chart... So... All that Capricorn will ought to serve the solar, Moon and Rising. And if in case you have that Cancerian Moon? Is it conjunct Jupiter? That would rev up the emotional facet of you!

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  • swati
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    7 years ago


    You are very ambitious for your career....

    Give me one Capricorn as I lack this but I have 4 planets in Aries

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  • you are ambition ans serious.

    i have capricorn in moon, venus,saturn ,uranus,neptune and midheaven

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