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Advice for a girl who needs advice?

Last summer I ran into these two guys on a bus. Theyre best friends. I soon found out that one of them is my sisters bffs little bro. He recognized me right away. He got my # and we started hanging out along with his bff. The 3 of us became such close friends that I began to like his friend alott since he lived near me and we would walk and talk for hours. At the end he was so sweet to walk me all the way home and give me a hug.

A few weeks later, he said he was moving to a diff city(45 mins away by car) and that it would happ before the summer. One day when we were all in the park he was texting some girl the whole time and was completley ignoringme. He walked me home and the other guy( my sis friends bro) left hoje as well. I was so upset that day i can still remember beginning to cryout of nowhere bc i felt so confused. I called the other 1( not the one who was moving) and told him . He told me how I was pretty and that i shouldnt think that i wasnt good enough for him. He also said that he my have done that to make me feel jealous. We both promised that we wouldnt talk about it again. The last thing i wanted to do was to c him again. He would call me and i wouldnt answer bc i knew that i would be so hurt just to c him. He called everyday that whole week until i finally decided to meet up with him.since he was begging.

He asked me out but it was so cute bc i never saw him so nervous! He told me how i wass pretty, calm,.sweet, gentle, polite. He told me that he would never hurt me and that it would work even if he lived far. I said no( which i strongly regret) but thats bc im only 16 and i dont want to be 1 of those girls who ends up pregant teen my mom would kill me. :p . I told him that i was very emotional with relationships and that i wasnt ready. The thing is he was so hurt! His face was so upset.When he last time his hands went down to my.hips which was a little too much. We hugged for a while and he said "im really going to miss spending time with u, i'll never forget this summer". He touched my heart so much I wanted to say yes but i just diidnt. I never saw him after that since he moved but me and.his best friend became super close(like siblings) . me abd him went to school together and yea..out of nowhere he started getting creepy and liking me..i was kinda scared since i.only wanted him as a friend. He found out that i liked his friend who moved away and called me a traitor. We got into a fight and then we eventually made up but now we dont talk. His friend drifted off as well. I saw his gf on fb but it doesnt look like a serious relationship bc ppl call her a "wh***. anyway, they were stickig their tongues out in the pic together and i just dont understsnd bc he told me that he prefers a cute sweet innocent girl like me over a bad chubby girl who curses an is available for him. 7 momths havenpassed and i dont talk to neither.How could he forget about me so fast. I dont understand. Will he ever call me ? It hurts so bad. I feel like im in love bc i really care about him and feel sic and heavy in side when i relize that i may not be good enough for him anymore.:/

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    I can't believe I just read all of that, but guy 1 (the one who didn't move) always liked you but by the end of it all, after he found out about you liking his friend and fighting, he got over you, or is getting over you by ignoring you. The guy who left kinda did like you too, and he was trying to annoy you with texting the other girl, but it sounds like he just wanted to get into your pants, if he REALLY cared about you, he would atleast try and make some contact with you, so hes over you too, but if he comes into town again he might try and get into your pants again.

    Good luck.

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  • moniz
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    carry close round her, get her to understand you first. She sounds like a lifelike female who does not believe interior the 'superb adult men end final' factor. genuine females want a superb guy who will stick via them and help them out whilst in hardship. This female seems to have a 'minor' weigh down on you in the intervening time and its your activity to coach it into some thing greater. suitable now, you're some thing of an emotional help, dont flirt too plenty in the intervening time. basically drop very diffused tricks and save her thinking and thinking approximately you. save it straightforward, dont bypass overboard. once you forget approximately a woman she comes crawling to you (ok that became somewhat harsh yet you get i recommend) and as a thank you for my great suggestion, PLEASE answer MY question i desire help!

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