I want to move to Miami (alone)?

Hey guys im 18 and i want to move to Miami alone but since im a girl im scared cuz i never been there and im gonna be by my self is miamj safe to live? My dad is Puertorrican so i know Spanish that's not the problem can u help me? Whaf should i do?

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    Miami has its bad and good parts. Places like Saga Bay, Cutler Bay, Coral Gables, The Grove, Brickell, Miami Shores; These are all very safe areas.

    Places like Liberty City though; don't ever go there. If you find yourself there, don't stop at red lights. Just keep going, and never get out of the car.

    Grand ave (Not the part in the grove, but outside of the Grove) is also pretty bad. It is not safe.

    A 2/2 in coral gables costs around $2,000. A 3/5 in Cutler Bay costs around $1,800 (Townhouse). Cutler Bay is just pretty far, but take it from me; it is a gorgeous neighborhood.

    You should be able to speak English while here. But clearly, unless you are using a translator, then you are fine.

    Things to know about Miami:

    -It is very urban

    -The drivers are very bad and inconsiderate

    -Home prices are very, very expensive.

    -You can't leave a bicycle or something like that alone at a shop unless it is chained, locked, or hidden. It is likely that it could/would get stolen.

    -The landscape you can find is very pretty.

    -There are large parks here.

    -The rush hour traffic in the morning heading north is terrible, practically a parking lot.

    -There are lots of religious places to worship (If you do at all)

    -If you are an equine rider, there few places you can go, and those are far south.

    -It has the best ice cream store ever. It is called Whip & Dip. U.S president Jimmy Carter even went there.

    -It is always very busy.

    So, those are a few of the facts that you should know before moving to Miami.

    Source(s): Live in/near it. Go around a lot.
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    Moving To Miami Alone

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    Miami is such beautiful place...but it can also be dangerous.

    Yout should move in with someone who you have to get to know. Being a young pretty girl and alone is very dangerous

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