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What do you think about the Greek Myths' views on women?

All the myths seem to have only one lesson: be beautiful (both men and women) and something good will happen. I.E Gods will love you. We all know Zeus had multiple affairs, and most of them have this kind of description of the women "...beautiful, pretty, sweet, breathtaking, etc.". I learn Latin and have to do translations from original Latin myths to English and all of them , I say all of them, start with "____ is a beautiful girl who is the daughter of blah, blah". What do you think of this? If myths are decipited as something to look up to, then is this what the epitome of women is? Just be beautiful? No loving a person by their personality? No getting to know the person? Just "fall in love" with anybody hot and marry them (or in most gods' case just have children and forget about them)? This love at forst sight isn't even love. It's simply lust or just you thinking they're hot. What's your opinion?

And I'm not trying to bash the Greek Myths, I actually like them quite a lot. It's just the way the women are portrayed kinda ticks me off.

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    I think you're just reading too far into it. Why not analyze how important virginity is? Or how Adonis is, in fact, the god of bishounen? Why not focus on how, without womens' abilities to bear children, future generations would never have existed? It's not solely based on, "Just be pretty."

    (And I do not view this religion as a myth.)

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    It's not just in Greek mythos. In nearly every book you read or film that you watch the main female (and most of the male) characters will be beautiful. Stories about ugly people don't really capture the imagination. Whilst some can associate with an ugly character, they don't want to fantasize about being that person. Ugly people just don't make good lead characters.

    In ancient societies the women were second class citizens, to be used and throw away by the conquerors and the power bearers and men in general.

    You do have the Goddesses though, and sometimes (not so often) there was quite the role reversal.

    All in all though, men were the writers and that's how they thought women should be and how they should be treated. If men answer honestly then they would treat women this way today (as long as they could get away with it).

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    there are actually a lot of strong women portrayed in Greek myth.

    Have you ever read the story of Medea? she is the opposite of a helpless woman, but still not exactly portrayed in a good light. When her husband, Jason, decides to marry someone else and abandon her, she decides to take revenge and kills her husbands new wife, and her children.

    Clytemnestra: When her husband, Agamemnon, sails off to troy (after sacrificing their daughter), she takes a lover and murders Agamemnon when he gets home. She's a strong woman!

    Another story depicts how women in Athens decide to withhold sex from their husbands so that the men end the Peloponnesian War. A strategy which works very well.

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