sailing a boat On A Sail Boat?

How is the boat sailed?

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  • 7 years ago
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    It is really very simple and easy to learn how to sail a boat. You simply raise the sail and the wind pushes on it, and the boat follows along and you steer with the rudder. When the wind is coming from the side there are some special physics at work, and it requires some re-direction of your sails - but it really is very easy.

    Yes, if you are watching "America's Cup" or the "Olympics" it can look very difficult, and "at that level" if you are going for the "Big Bucks" or the Olympic Gold" it requires a lot of physical and team work, as well as skill.

    If however you are out for a day sail or Island hopping in the Caribbean, it is a very "laid back" and easy method of transportation. I've always said, give me two 6 year olds that have never ridden a bike or sailed a boat, and I will have one sailing with proficiency - before you can have the other riding a bike. It is that easy.

    Here is a great expanation on the "technical" aspects of sailing:

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  • 4 years ago

    To possess, a velocity boat considering around here there is only a river. I do have the need for pace too! I've certainly not been in a sail boat, I believe it might be enjoyable. The closest situation to sail one could be about 50 miles from here. I think i might accept a canoe, low cost, handy to haul, and it matches into the regional creeks and ponds.

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