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What is the best movie ever?

Say the title and description. Mine are I am Legend, The Princess Bride, Titanic, Hachi, and I have a bunch more. You can have more than one. Whoever has the most and/or has them all described will get best answer.

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    Pulp Fiction - Directed by Quentin tarantino - Starring John Travolta, Samuel L Jackson, Uma Thurman, Harvey keitel, Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames. Awesome Movie

    The Godfather - Directed by Francis For Coppolla - Starring Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, John Cazale, Robert Duvall and Diane Keaton

    The Departed - Directed by Martin Scorcese - Starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlburg and Martin Sheen.

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    The Big Lebowski - My absolute favorite movie. It's a Coen brothers movie, and those are always good. It's about Jeffery "The Dude" Lebowski and a case of mistaken identity. Some thugs break into his home and pee on his rug, which "really tied the room together, man". The thugs wanted money from another man named Jeffery Lebowski and got the wrong guy. While bowling, The Dude's friend Walter suggests that he visit the other Lebowski and get him to replace his rug. From there it just becomes a whirlwind of mystery, comedy, and crazy characters. The Dude gets hired to deal with a kidnapping and bumbles his way through it.

    Shutter Island - This Leonardo DiCaprio movie was a little overshadowed by his next movie, Inception, but I enjoyed this one far more. It's a Martin Scorsese film about two U.S. Marshals investigating a disappearance at a mental institution on an island in 1954. A feeling of doom and uneasiness fills the screen from the first minute until the last. If you watch this one, pay special attention to the ended, as some people didn't notice what really happened. For me and my tastes, this movie has come very close to being a perfect movie. I cannot think of anything to criticize about it.

    I Love You, Man - This comedy caught me off guard. I didn't expect to like it and it turned out to be pretty good and surprising. I thought the movie was leading me in a certain direction, but ended up taking me somewhere else. It's a buddy comedy that has good laughs and heart. I also think that a girl can enjoy this movie as much as a guy. A theme of the movie revolves around Paul Rudd's character and his love for the band Rush, which I also love.

    I would give you more, but due to a car accident, my right hand has screws in it, and all the typing is starting to hurt. Hope you enjoy my suggestions! :)

    Source(s): Edit - I also have to mention American Psycho. Christian Bale's greatest role by far. This movie is so bizarre and entertaining. If you like dark comedy and don't mind blood and gore, I would highly recommend this. I've watched it a dozen times and I still can't exactly tell you what happened, lol. I've heard that the book was meant to be left open to interpretation, and I'd say that the movie is the same way. I've watched it over and over and I'm always catching something new, or some detail that you wouldn't have noticed unless you've seen it a few times.
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    American Gangster. Based on true story, outstanding directing and acting. Denzel Washington is the lead role. The newest batman series is great, Batman begins, dark knight, and dark knight rises. Fast and furious series is great. Django with Jamie fox is great. Gone in 60 seconds has a great plot and sweet cars.

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    I would definitely say Undisputed 2 and Undisputed 3 are my favourites cause I love the fighting scenes in them.. My other favourites are soo much so I won't even bother listing them

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    The Purge! :D

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