Recommendations for controlling lights/etc from PC/smartphone for home automation?

What I would like to do:

Using voice recognition in windows and TTS responses that I will code, I would like to have a program/control module that can activate light switches / outlets and other items in the house based on what I program the macros to call on.

What I need.

Something similar to X10 that can interface with my network or computer wirelessly so that I might use it with the above setup. I am looking for specific ideas, not just vague replies. Thank you in advance!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Controlling home lighting is still a fancy option that still cost quite a lot to do and needs many control boxes to be installed here and there, but today, a team of designers worked hard to change that.

    They come up with an amazing way to control you light bulbs with your smart phone. They called it "LIFX", Pronounced (LIFE X).

    Dunno if this will help, but for me I find it really amazing.

    You may check it out on this link:

  • 7 years ago

    This is not remotely IT. But I believe it could also work. If you are the party sorta guy/girl then I think wherever you keep beers, The party area (Outdoor on the patio for me) and other places of need, Or just genereally common places you may need it (Front door, Lounge room, Kitchen, Study) You could always just wire light switches for every single room into a board that is in each room

    I probably didnt help in anyway

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