books by Vladimir Nabokov?

I've read Lolita, I thought it was completely perfect. It took me a while to read and at times I struggled with understanding the language but otherwise I loved it. Nabokov was obviously a very talented writer and I wondered if anybody could recommend me any of his other books? Lolita is so famous and it's the only one by him I've ever heard about. Please recommend any other similar books, too :) xx

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  • 7 years ago
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    Pale Fire, the one he wrote after Lolita. It's my favourite among his English ones, and probably the closest to Lolita — not in its themes, but in that atmosphere which is at once whimsical and tragic.

    I'm really, really not a fan of late Nabokov, particularly Ada, so even though it's superficially similar and semi-explicit, it gives me this empty-shell impression of Nabokov trying to imitate himself, as it were.

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  • 7 years ago


    I found this on

    The miracles of a goodle search.

    All I did was copy and paste your question into the search bar and BAM! Google gave me that.

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