C&A REG: Why does an Anime ends yet the Manga keeps on going?

E.G> kekkaishi only has 52 episodes which is equivalent to 121/122 manga weeklies?

Same goes with Bleach, the anime ended but the manga is still going... and same with inuyasha... why does this happens?

Is it because of Popularity, money shortage, cast etc...?


@ Meh => Kekkaishi, the manga went on publishing until it hit 345 (35 volumes).


Although like the website you mentioned below shows that the anime series covered the entire manga. The only reason Kekkaishi made me curious was that I found that there were a lot of things missing and were not covered in the anime series so I decided to do a bit of research and came to find that the manga went on and covered some of the question that were dangling in my mind. On mangaupdates it states that "Status in Country of Origin 35 Volumes (Complete)"? What does that mean? Does it mean that if there were resources available there would have been the possibility that the entire 35 volumes would have been covered in the anime series?

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    Chapters and episodes almost never line up in any sort of way. You can't say 1 episode = 1 chapter or even 1 episodes = 2 chapters, etc. The reason for this is that manga chapters vary in length. Some manga are weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc. Most weekly manga chapters are between 16-18 pages and monthly chapters are usually between 30-40, but every manga is different.

    On top of varying chapter length, different anime directors / studios take different approaches to adapting manga. Some shows add a lot of filler (usually when the anime and manga are being produced simultaneously and the anime is about to / did catch the manga), some anime adaptations decide to only use the manga as a "base" and not directly adapt it (change the story). I'm sure you get the gist of what I'm saying.

    Now, as for Kekkaishi specifically, 52 episodes does finish the entire manga.


    Scroll down a little bit and there's a section titled "Anime Start/End chapter". That website is what I usually base manga to anime chapters / episodes but I'm sure theres a better site to do it.

    CAUTION: Just because there's a little more than 1 anime episode to 2 manga chapters, doesn't mean that episode 10 of the anime is chapter 23 in the manga (121/52 = 2.3).

    As for your next question:

    There are a lot of factors that make an anime stop airing but the manga remains publishing. The biggest factor (as with everything in life) is money. The show probably dipped in popularity and therefore the studio decided that it wasn't worth their time and money to make more episodes. However, since the manga is still publishing, that means you lucked out because it's still making money for the manga company.

    Another reason could be that they are simply taking a break because the anime caught up with the manga and they don't want to make the anime full of fillers. I don't watch / read Inuyasha but they ended the first anime (probably one of the two reasons I've outlined) then make a sequel which covered the rest of the manga.

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    The television broadcaster allots a specific number of seasons for the anime, usually depending on popularity manga, audience, time slots available etc. If the manga doesn't conclude by the time the allotted season ends they usually create an alternate ending, so that the audience does not feel like they abandoned the series.The more popular series such as Naruto or One Piece can reasonably expect that they would get several seasons, till the manga ends and hence can follow the manga closely. However, such anime could also end somewhat abruptly if the broadcaster decides to not allot them any more seasons at some point, as it happened with Bleach after the Fullbring arc. In some cases, when the anime production company works closely with the mangaka they can keep their ending consistent with the manga, even though the manga has not been published, but it is rare to a point. Finally there is the obivous issue of money shortage

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Most animes are adaptations of the manga material.

    Those animes that end abruptly like Bleach, D.Gray Man and Pandora Hearts for example, are evident that the anime adaptation have "caught up" with the manga material (this is usually the case). Hence, to avoid unnecessary fillers, they just end like that, or with an alternate ending

    Bleach is a good example in this, as this anime contains about 45% (yeah i actually calculated it) fillers, due to the anime covering quite quickly its manga content. Hence, in order for Kubo to write more manga material, they create filler arcs which lasts for about 20-30 episodes.

    Producing 1 episode of an anime is equivalent to about 3-4 chapters of a manga.

    Inuyasha is actually complete, both anime AND manga. Inuyasha: Final Act covers the remaining of the manga content.

    Popularity ALSO plays a factor. If the first season is not popular enough towards viewers than a second season is just a waste of cash. However, there are SOME anime titles out there who produced a second season countless years after the first season; so hope is not all lost for fans who wishes for a second season (e.g. Inuyasha finished airing in 2004, however it's sequel series Inuyasha: Final Act started in 2009-2010, completing the entire series since the manga ended in 2008).

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    Sometimes, when the manga is still ongoing, and, the anime has reached the point of where the manga is, it has to end for a while until the manga continues and it's at a far enough point where the anime doesn't have to stop again (Like Fairy Tail). Or, like Pandora Hearts, it wasn't very popular and it had hit the point where the manga was, so they had to end with a different ending from the manga to not disappoint the fans with discontinuation. That's why some anime's end while the manga continues.

    Source(s): Pandora Hearts, Fairy Tail
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    The best that I can determine is that the budget is only for those one or two years and then, as interest wanes (and whomsoever determines that is always a big question), the company moves on to the next project.

    Rare is the anime that ends with the manga (Death Note and Mahoromatic are two that I know of). Certainly shows like Ouran High School and Fruits Basket could have easily gone ahead, but I assume it is more of an old show business adage: "Leave them wanting more."

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    Sometimes it's due to budget reasons or e stories are too different from the main story

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    I can understand making books series into episodes is based of the popularity because if everyone loves it they continue to make, but if not they discontinue the episodes at a certain point. The manga of the anime you like is kind of like the continuing of the episodes , but instead of being aired you can read and picture it in your mind as if they were still airing like animes such Naruto, Bleach, Black Lagoon or even Claymore

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