Which job do I take between Target and The Children's Place?

I've just been offered 2 jobs. One with Target and one with The Children's Place. Target offered to pay $7.50 and the children's place $8.25. At target I would be working fitting room and other areas as well as register and the children's place I would be working the register and taking care of the clothing. I'm going to school in August so I will only be able to work weekends then and they are both okay with that. I guess the only downside is the children's places hours can vary depending on my performance and that could be 5-20 hours a week which is okay since I enjoy being home taking care of my house and my animals. What would you do??

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  • 7 years ago
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    If you have a sales personality: you like up-selling merchandise, you should work at The Children's Place. If you mainly want to just do your job and go home and that's all, work at Target. This is about your long term goals. Do you want to work retail in college? If so, take the Target job, it would probably be more flexible in the long run. The Children's Place might look better on a resume though because you will be required to meet sales goals. Which manager did you like the most? I don't care how much it pays, if you hate your manager you wont last long.

    Source(s): Worked at a TON of stores in the mall.
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