Question who ingmar bergman is?

I have taken interest in this man and his work. I haven't seen any of his films and would like to watch one.

Which do you like? And what are your opinions of him as a director? What's his directing style? Is like Stanley Kubricks?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Bergman's directing style isn't like Kubrick's. Bergman's camera tends to be locked down, less showy, with a greater emphasis on the actor's interactions within the frame (makes sense since Bergman was also a prolific theater director).

    He is a wonderful director and has a very keen eye for story telling, although many US audience members might be turned off by him because of the circumspect and quieter manner he conducts his movies in. As for films, his most accessible movies are probably "Fanny and Alexander" and "Wild Strawberries". Although some other very good movies of his are "Through a Glass Darkly" and "The Seventh Seal".

    If you enjoy his movies you ought to check out a couple other directors that are well worth your while:

    Andrei Tarkovsky ("Solaris", "Andrei Rublev")

    Satyajit Ray ("Pather Penchali")

    Victor Sjostrom ("The Phantom Carriage", "Ingeberg Holm"- these are silent films in case those aren't your particular cup of tea)

    Yasujiro Ozu ("Late Spring", "Tokyo Story", "I Was Born, But...")

    Hope this helps and happy viewing!

  • 8 years ago

    Here's One, it's on wikipedia

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