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Full names for this nickname? +BQ?

What are some uncommon girls names that could "Ace" as a nickname? Other than Acelynn.

Would Acacia work?

BQ: WDYT of sibling name Dresden Lennox for a boy?

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    I think Acelynn is a gorgeous name! Also how about Acelea or Acea (eh-sha), i also think Acacia would work quite well too :)

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    Acelynn looks like the illiterate and gender-warped version of the boy name Acelin, and I would discourage you from using it for that reason. That aside... Aceline might work, though it's pronounced as "AH seh leen", you'd probably get away with saying it like "Ace-leen". Acenith is pronounced as "ah SEE nith" but, again, since it's so uncommon, you could probably pronounce it as "Ace-nith". And you might be able to squeeze "Ace" out of Tracey, Macey, Lacey, Stacey or Jacey.

    BQ: Andrew Madden? I honestly have no idea.

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