why is Susan Sarandon who is 66, talking about life changes at 40?

There is a new commercial spot where Susan Sarandon says" life at 40 is not what is was at 20". She is 66. She was 40 some 26 years ago. What relevance does this commercial message have ??

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  • 8 years ago
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    I think the answer is actually quite simple. I would imagine the reason she is doing this is because she wants to do it and she is being paid to do it. I'm not absolutely positive about this because, in actuality, I suppose there could be several reasons she would be doing this but my guess would be she is doing it because it's something she wants to do and, for the most part, people usually get paid when they do a commercial. As far as the relevance goes, my guess is it's because she is getting paid well. Getting paid a lot of money has always had relevance in my life and I suppose the same could be said about Susan Sarandon's life as well.

    This would be my guess.

  • 8 years ago

    Why is Susan Sarandon who is 66, talking about life changes at 40?

    ~~~ Been there, done that!

    Experience and Perspective, and probably Wisdom that you can't even imagine at just 40!

  • i-Yoda
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    7 years ago

    This is her last chance to yap a lil more. I bet she won't talk about life changes at 66 when she turns 70 !

  • Joppa
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    8 years ago

    yeah patsy, as hoovarted just demonstrated, haters are usually given a hardtime here

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