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why do we have the time for other stuff beside's what we need to have time for?

what i mean is, how can people have the time for pleasantries when their work/school etc.. hounds them daily? shouldn't we only be focused on those things, i mean you won't have any stress?


thought someone would say something like this, the brain doesn't need to focus on school/work etc.. the whole time, it still somewhat does it subconsciously for you without even doing such act/s

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    Compared to basic survival work/school, etc...these are all "pleasantries".

    Thanks to technology the luxury of leisure is possible...and it turns out that the greater the leisure the more inventive a society becomes.

    So it is kind of a self sustaining cycle.

    However when faced with the constant need to forage and hunt just to scrape by your have less time to think of new inventions to make your life less difficult.

    Also...I am not sure if you realize it or not but many studies have confirmed that a critical part of healthy time management is securing time for relaxation, not simply rest, but leisure.

    It actually reduces stress and improves health.

    One study in particular compared college students that made no time for relaxation as a part of their time management as compared to those that deliberately planned to have between 8-12 hours weekly as free time to relax and entertain themselves.

    In this study those students that did not make such preparations did not perform as well as those who had on average, even though they had spent that same amount of time studying or working.

    Anyway it is widely accept in behavioral science that time management should include a reasonable amount leisure improve and optimize overall performance.

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    You must be very young and have little life experience.

    when someone wants to do something they will make time

    Life needs to be balanced with Work and Play

    and the "Pleasantries" are VERY important

    no matter your age or what you do,

    Stress Happens - it's how you deal with Stress that counts

    You know little about the brain

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