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What is the correct translation for "love me for who I am" in Swedish?

I'm thinking about getting my first tattoo in honor of my Swedish heritage. I've seen a couple different answers as far as online translators go but I really do not trust them. So if you're from Sweden or know the language please let me know what the correct translation is!

Thanks :)

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    Älska mig för den jag är

    Notice where the dots go. This phrase turns into nonsense if the dots aren't right.

    Are you happy with that phrase? As a tattoo, you'll have to live with it for a long time. Here's some alternatives:

    Du Gamla Du Fria (first words of the national anthem, would look good with a flag)

    Tre Kronor (three crowns, symbol of royalty, look good with the three crown symbol

    Två öl tack (two beers please)

    Source(s): Lived in Sweden for many years, became fluent.
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