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Why does Obama hate Amercia? Does he actually hate America?

You see i am beginning to think that obama hates america because he has systematically through his callous and brutal administration destroyed the way of life in america. he is now governing by basically third world standards and the libel media dont seem to be taking notice. Trillions in debt, americans still uninsured, numerous scandals, what has he actually done to show that he has compassion towards america? He worked for hate filled communists earlier in "career". It just sickens me. This is why i dont live in america anymore, at least one of many reasons, unfortunately.

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    class war

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    I do not think he hates America. I think he would change some things about it, but most people would probably wish the same if they were president. I think his belief in big federal government gives many the impression that he hates America because Republicans and Libertarians envision a much smaller federal government. The standard of living is down and Obama should shoulder some of the responsibility for pushing Obama Care on Americans, but plenty of others have contributed to the downfall of the standard of living and the American economy. Putting the entire blame on Obama is not fair, but he does deserve some of the blame because he promised to make things better and he did not.

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    He's like a very bad female of great beauty. One who knows she can tell any man "Change, do xyz and obey me without question. Then I will Love You, Darling."

    Obama only Loves what America will be. As he envisions the New Era and the New Socialist Human. This America must be transformed.

    You know Love is not real if the person does not Love you as you come and as you are. Therefore, you can conclude Obama actually does hate America. He acts now like he doubts America is even worth saving to transform it. Being we rebel so much and our Congress obstructs him.

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    'Unfortunately' it is very hard to get things done to get America back on track when congress is so unresponsive. Obama has all the ideas and plans to help Americans ('Obama-care', gun control, funding for those who are unemployed) but he can't get it done if 2/3 of our 'elected' officials aren't there to help due to their own agenda. Keep in mind these are my opinions, but I would suggest refraining from posting questions like this in the future, because it really only starts fights.

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  • Robert
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    He certainly hates America! Why else would he do everything he possibly can to destroy it? He also hates Americans. He has nothing but contempt for us and he shows it in every way. He showed it today by apponting Susan Rice as Security Adviser.

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    3 years ago

    yet Bush... wait, thats no longer probable an answer, that should be thoroughly keeping off the project and changing the subject. hmmmm, what to do, what to do?Oh properly it would be Bush's fault in a roundabout way.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I support your decision to have left. I don't know if obama "hates" America. I think he is America's destroyer. It's kind of like this, if you hire an assassin ; does the assassin hate the person he's assassinating?

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    Like all Socialists, he hates our Freedoms and Independence.

    He believes everything should come from and be controlled by Government.

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    No he doesn't hate Americans he himself is american. He is just a bad president his administration and decisions are extremely poor what he feels will help end up just hurting

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Yes he does-because he is working for a foreign government.

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