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Real HCG Diet Drops Place.?

I'm thinking about starting an HCG Diet using the HCG Drops with a low calorie diet plan for a couple months. There seems to be lots of sites selling the stuff and tons of hcg diet review sites with different opinions. What's the best place to find real hcg drops. I'm just a little tired of reading sales pages. Hoping real people can help.

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    Real HCG Diet Drops

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    The Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission issued warning letters in December, 2011 to many companies that sell the over-the-counter products, noting they have not been approved by the FDA for weight loss and false advertising claims. The drops do not contain the actual hcg hormone but similar synthetic amino acids. These peptides are destroyed in the digestive system and are completely worthless.The FDA and FTC have finally taken steps to stop these potentially harmful and scam products.

    Anyone that lost weight on the diet protocol only did because they were eating 500 calories a day and in starvation mode. The side effects of the hcg diet protocol are the side effects of malnutrition. These include headache, hair loss, interruption of menstrual cycles, fatigue, feeling lightheaded, disorientation, stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea.

    Common sense tells you this diet is nothing more than starvation. One of the side effects of properly using the hcg injections to increase fertility is weight gain. So how can the hormone cause weight loss?

    The doctors exploiting this benign hormone can't even agree on how it works. Some say it releases stored fat calories into the system. Others say it acts as an appetite suppressant. Neither explanation justifies the weight loss in the individuals taking the oral drops containing no hcg in them that still lost weight.

    The mental apparatus occurring here is called "cognitive relativism" where hcg users assert their beliefs to the point where they deny facts, lack of evidence, and true expert opinion.

    While there are loads of profiteers, clinics, and doctors with no moral compass promoting this 60 year old ridiculous protocol it is not endorsed or recommended by any medical, dietary, or regulatory organization.

    Type "hcg" in the Search Y! Answers box above and find out what hcg is really all about.

    And read the sad questions from women wanting to become pregnant.

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    I also got mine from Intermountain HCG. I am very happy with my results. The diet guide they gave me was really easy to follow, so that helped me stick to the diet easier. I have only done one round so far, but I lost about 20 pounds. There are also a lot of people on their Facebook site that can answer any other questions you might have.

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    i am proud to recommend the hcg power 3000 the offers the latest in innovative products for diet conscious consumers, you can trust them the you will get the high quality . i use the same product over 5 year and i have great result

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    I have to tell you I was on the HCG injections, and did the 500 calorie diet per day...its not as bad as you all think....models have been doing it for ever to prep for a special photo shoot or assignment...no one is rediculing them! ...remember this is only for a short period not the rest of your life...after doing the HCG diet I lost the weight I wanted to lose, it helped me to really portion my food and eat healthier, now I enjoy sweets, anything in moderation...and my weight is still good I had a bit of a splurge for the holidays...but have now lost it again...by just going back to only 1000 calorie for 4 days.....After reading and speaking with knowledgeable people and Dr's it was all fine and I did not strave myself. I had a lot of energy, and I was never depressed, unlike so may other diets...which believe me I tried many! One last thing ....people who have been fasting for 15 to 25 days with just water and supplements...for many reasons also have been fine....and for petes sake people!...you have more harm to our bodies with just the pollution and all the pesticides in our food! Think about that!

    For More info http://beforeandafterweightloss.ml/

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    Make use of a smaller amount sodium in food

  • 4 years ago

    take a thirty second split down the middle of your current supper examine just how hungry you still are generally previous to having time for your meal

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    Eat a grapefruit rather than drinking juice; the fiber will assist you to feel full longer, and grapefruit is proven to help with weight loss.

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    Eat a grapefruit as an alternative to drinking juice; the fiber will help you feel full longer, and grapefruit is which can help with weight loss.

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    5 years ago

    Measure away that bowl of cereal or even oatmeal, including the fruit, nuts, maple syrup, milk, and yogurt you enhance it. Have a set of measuring cups and spoons available instead of eyeballing.

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