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Resident evil fans: question about Ada?

I can't seem to get a straight answer on Facebook so I thought I would ask here. Ada Wong seems ok in Resident evil 6 but is she a good guy or a bad guy in Resident Evil 4? After she took the Las Plagas and gave it to Wesker? Thanks for any answer given.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Ada Wong has a good heart. However, she does things that she aknowledges as bad.

    She works as a spy, and usually decieves people she crosses ways with, in order to make her mission easier. She sometimes drags people into danger so she will have access to what she needs.

    Most of her missions include stealing samples of virus and parasites.

    Although she is afraid of what her bosses will do with these samples, she still acomplishes them (usually excelling at it).

    So, she knows what is good or not, and still does very bad things. But she does small good actions to try and repay.

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  • 3 years ago

    "the story remains stable"? the story by no capacity *became into* stable. each game has an fool plot that's not clever in besides. They nevertheless prefer to cover up the Raccoon city element? you're gonna tell me no person has found out yet? Then why became into Umbrella close down interior the 1st place? did not Leon say so on the intro of RE4? after all, they are attempting to cover up a zombie outrbreak that exceeded off six years in the past... via inflicting yet another zombie outbreak? Say what? How is it a zombie outbreak is a greater advantageous Weapon of Mass Destruction than a bomb? did not they already practice it via blowing up Raccoon city? Why does Umbrella save making zombies? Who buys them? Who funds them? do not they lose, like, an entire secret lab and workforce per game? Have they ever made a efficient transaction? Why do they make zombie animals like canine and monkeys and sharks? How is any of this greater worthwhile than making pew pew firearms? i'm sorry, Resident Evil by no capacity made any experience and that is basically gotten worse with time. the 1st few video games it became into, fantastic, stable previous campy relaxing. yet now they are attempting to make it sound so severe that is laughable. The video games are relaxing and properly made and all that, yet please do not bypass around asserting the story's stable, that is embarrasing.

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  • 7 years ago

    Ada Wong is kind of an anti hero she's a good person but does good things in a bad way, so she seems like a bad guy.

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