How to reset an ipad?

Ok so I bought an iPad (use) but I cant download apps bc the previous owner info is still there so when I try to reset it an erase all the apps they ask me for a password what can I do ;(

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    8 years ago
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    Only way to reset it to factory is through iTunes, you can try putting the iPad in recovery mode. Hold the Power Button up top + the Home button below, for 10 seconds. When the screen goes black let go of the power button up top but do not let go of the home button below, keep holding on to the home button, eventually you will see a USB cable appear and an iTunes logo on the iPad. The is iPad in recover mode. Once inside this mode load up iTunes (should already be open on the computer) and plug the usb cable into the iPad, when iTunes detects that the iPad is in recovery mode it will warn you on the computer screen. Just click ok and try to reset it to factory from the home screen of iTunes device settings. If all else fails, contact the previous owner.

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    8 years ago

    you can try a recover mode but I believe that you will still need the password. good luck.

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