How many days Walt Disney World Florida? And other theme parks?

I'm looking at going to Florida soon (1 week) and want to visit some theme parks obviously with Universal studios being the main one and also Walt Disney but how many days do you think It will take to get it done? Also what other theme parks do you recommend? Thanks!

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    There are 4 parks at Disney and 2 at Universal, and I'd suggest 1 day for each park - so that's 6 days.

    You could also visit Sea World on a day.

    If that's too much, then you could always choose a Disney park to skip. I will say that you'll save money by visiting fewer theme parks on more days. For example, it would be cheaper to do 4 days at Disney instead of 3 at Disney and one at Sea World. The per-day price of tickets drops as you add more days,

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    A good rule of thumb is a min of one full day per park. There is enough to see an do at any of the parks to keep you occupied and happy for the full day. Unless you have been to the parks so many times you have pretty much seen and done everything a few hundred time I never recommend park hopping.

    So Disney has four parks that is four days, Universal has two park so that is two days, Seaworld is one day.

    That is 7 days you could spend at the parks.

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    Exactly 7 days (1 Week).

    2 for Universal


    5 for Disney (Magic Kingdom 2 Days)

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    i'm not sure how universal studios is OBVIOUSLY the main one.

    it certainly is NOT for most people.

    this is what i always recommend

    disney world:

    -magic kingdom: 2 days

    -epcot: 1-1/2 days

    -hollywood studios: 1 day

    -animal kingdom: 3/4 of a day

    universal orlando:

    -universal studios: 1 day

    -islands of adventure: 1 day

    seaworld for1 day

    obviously you don't have enough time to do what i recommend soooo....for you

    -magic kingdom: 1 day

    -epcot: 1 day

    -hollywood studios: 1 day

    -skip animal kingdom

    -universal studios/islands of adventure: 1 day

    -seaworld: 1 day

    that is 6 days and at the parks and 1 day to relax.

    Source(s): 050 trips to disney world. been to universal orlando severla times been to seaworld several times.
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