My boyfriend sucks at eating me out...!!!!!?

Its like he just shoves his tongue into my vagina hole and it doesn't feel good at all. He has no clue what he is doing! I feel bad. I told him today that it doesn't feel good at all. And that he needs to look up stuff online, or watch a video. He said he has before and that it just must not feel good to girls. Uhhh yea right he's just not doing it right!! Any tips? What should he do. I feel like I hurt his feelings but I want pleasure too! Its not fair that he can get a blo-w jo-b and then I get no pleasure at all. Its really depressing lol... HELP.

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  • Brooke
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    7 years ago
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    Well, how old are you? Are you over 18? If you are than you guys can check some videos out together. If he doesn't put any effort into it, then he really doesn't care and is selfish and you should get rid of him. But see if he puts forth any effort first. Don't worry about hurting his feeling. It's called constructive criticism, something you will face a lot in life. What I did when I had a boyfriend like that was made an ultimatum-you do it right or you're not getting any. If he really care about pleasing you he will learn.

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  • It sounds like you don't know what you want and that's a problem too so try not to point fingers. On most girls oral isn't complicated. Up and down on the clitoris. I've had a girl that liked it side-to-side instead.

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