Why can't i love?

Why can't i love?

So i find it difficult to love ppl in general. I don't love myself, i find it hard to love my family, and even more difficult to dare love a guy. I am a 20 yr old female who finds the concept of love difficult.

I used to love my family with a passion until my mom started calling me worthless and that she loves her dogs more than me and my lil sis wld tell me things like she doesn't see me becoming a doctor or an engineer or a producer ( basically anything that is high in stature) and that my father is a lier (but i know he genuinely loves me).

I have never been the warm feely type but i wasn't so cold either. The one cold thing that remains consistent is my desire to never have children but this is normal for me because i don't want the responsibility of another human. Plus i really don't like babies. I find them irritating and not worth my time.

I did love a guy once. He said he had fallen in love with me yet after two yrs he began ignoring me... It didn't really bother me...i havn't seen him for two years and I'm alright with that. A week ago i began seeing this guy i met 5 yrs ago and last saw 3 years ago (after he graduated). We were good friends and i liked him then but i find it hard to love him...i know its too soon to be in love with him but i feel empty. The worst part is that he really likes me and sorta loves me..I don't want to make him fall in love and then not feel the same way. I feel this empty feeling in me with everything that i do...i just can't feel love.

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    i don't love either. i mean, i do love my family, but they're just there. to be honest, i would not care if they left. i think i'd just be said that no one will cook for me.

    i have a girlfriend and she says she loves me but i feel sorry for her. she's a very nice and sweet girl, but i am not in love with her. i have only fallen in love once with this girl in my class. She was my everything but then she hurt me.

    i do believe that one day, we will love someone with such great passion. it will be true love. we both believe we won't love anyone because of our experiences. they do not deserve our love. So, try to love yourself first (i'm working on that also) and in time, that someone (doesn't even have to be romantically) that we will love and care about will soon find us.

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    8 years ago

    ive been burned out many time before and seem to have lost that same feeling I couldn't get attached to my girl friend which caused me to end the relationship but its difficult if you like the guy start talking to him and hang with him and see where it goes on from their who knows you might be able to experience you true feelings with him

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