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What is the difference between Marine Force Recon and MARSOC?

I've heard multiple stories and explanations on both of them, but I'm just wanting to see if there is anyone who can give me a better explanation of the two.

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    Okay, you have USSOCOM which is United States Special Operations COMmand, underneath USSOCOM is a subordinate command directly involved with tier one assets (SFOD-D, DEVGRU, ISA, Air Force 24th STS) called JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command). Every tier one asset answers to JSOC, JSOC then answers to USSOCOM. MARSOC is the Marine's answer or addition into JSOC and USSOCOM. It is the Marine Special Operations Command.

    Force Recon is one of the Marines SOCF (Special Operations Capable Forces). A member of Force Recon is an operator. They do the dirty work.

    The difference is, to be in MARSOC you don't have to be an operator, you can be support; However, to be Force Recon you must be an operator.

    Source(s): I believe everything was correct. If I was wrong about anything feel free to correct.
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  • what is the difference between a HEAD and HAND?

    one is a control element (marsoc) the other is one of acting LIMBS.

    it takes both to have a working organism. well it takes more than just that (you need logistics and support as well, working as guts)

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