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Study Guide Help?????

Religions of Africa in the 20th century

The African National Congress- How and why founded? Who led it?

Haile Selassie

Impact of World War II on independence movements

Use of European languages in colonies after independence

Religious divisions in India

Groups in India that worked for independence

Mohandas Gandhi “The Mahatma”

Gandhi’s strategy for winning independence for India

The partition of India in 1947

Obstacles to Latin America economic development in the 20th century

Reason the Mexican peasantry were impoverished before the Mexican Revolution

Rule of Porfirio Diaz in Mexico

“The Constitutionalists” in the Mexican Revolution

Emiliano Zapata

Nationalist Mexican artists

Argentinian “oligarchia”

Impact of the Great Depression on Latin American

Vargas of Brazil

The “Brazilian Solution”

Juan & Eva Peron of Argentina

Neo-liberalism in Latin America

Cold War impact on newly independent countries


Marshall Plan

Berlin Wall

Bretton Woods

Truman Doctrine

Permanent members of the UN Security Council

Impact of WWII on the US economy

Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962

Reasons India and Pakistan went to war in 1947

Decolonization in Africa- Ghana, Kenya


Cause of the 1952 invasion of Egypt by Great Britain, France & Israel

The Great Leap Forward

1966 Cultural Revolution in China

Deng Xiaoping’s economic policies

Tiananmen Square

Arab-Israeli Conflict

1979 Iranian Revolution

Causes of the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s

Afghanistan in the 1980s

Mikhail Gorbachev

perestroika, glasnost & democratization

Collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991- why?

Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia in 1990


Vaclav Havel

Lech Walesa

Reunification of Germany 1990

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  • 7 years ago
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    I can tell you everything from the Cold War on, I have had an amazing global teacher and the Cold War was named the Cold War because althought there was a lot of fighting to contain communism which the USA wanted, the soviets liked communism. It's called the Cold War because USA and soviets say they were going to use nuclear weapons but never did (thank god)

    NATO was an organization formed by USA and their allies and it stands for North Atlantic treaty organization and it contrasts with WARSAW which was formed by the soviets and their friends.

    Marshall plan- USA was kind enough to aid everyone in Europe with financial assistance due to the ww2 bombings and everything, only if they wanted help

    Berlin Wall was a wall that made west and east Germany , no one could escape until it was knocked down in the late 1900s

    Truman doctrine - supported countries that rejected communism

    Cuban missile crisis - Fidel Castro was leading Cuba and apparently Cuban missiles were aimed at Florida and USA wanted them to take it off

    India consisted of Hindus and Muslims but the Muslims felt they weren't getting equal rights so they split up into India and Pakistan

    Decolonization , the British stopped running Africa but harsh military dictators tried to rule Africa

    Apartheid - division of whites and blacks in Africa

    1952 invasion of Suez Canal - Egypt claimed the canal and Britain made a pact with France and Israel to get it back, and they won, but pressure from the rest of the world made Britain and France and Israel give it back lol

    Great Leap Forward - steel industry and everything was industrialized . Everyone shared food and everyone lived in a utopian society but this soon failed as starvation occurred

    1966 cultural revolution was Mao ze dongs Ida to change Chinese culture and Chinese system like move away from the past and the old ideas such as Buddhism and move towards a new future

    Tiananmen Square - in the 1980s there were students that protested against the rulers in Tainanmen square which was the central hub of the town yet military men fired onto the crowd, injuring many people

    Arab Israeli conflict- Jewish people wanted a land for themselves called Palestine yet Egyptians hated it

    Perestroika was soviets way of fixing up the economy after the fall of the Soviet Union

    Glasnost has glass in it which means clear such that the people know what the government is doing and yeah lol

    Democracy became more wide spread

    The Soviet Union collapsed because of military spending and weak economy

    Germany's Berlin Wall was finally knocked down!

    Source(s): Sorry I couldn't answer some of them, I am a student myself :(
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  • 7 years ago

    What kind of help do you want?

    That is a list of historical dates.

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